Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I like to lick stamps, especially with milk on them......

One morning I was eating gluten free cereal. I actually have grown to like the stuff. At first I thought it tasted like licking stamps, but now I swear I like licking stamps.
Anyway, D was sitting at the table with me and I was schooling him about how bad gluten was for you even if you are not a celiac. He relayed to me he wanted to eat healthy.

A: No you don't....
D: Yes I do
A: Okay then eat a bite of this gluten free cereal I am eating
D: (getting up from the table, with his mouth opened wide, I shove a big spoon full of it in)

D: (chew, chew, chew, cough, cough, gag a little) You're right, I don't want to eat healthy, this cereal taste like ****!
A: (smiling cause it's funny the cereal made him gag)

Happy Birthday D! xoxoxo

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