Monday, April 26, 2010

O is for Oreo's that are delicious to eat!!!........

I mean, I hate to be part of the "I told you so" crowd......but...

I freaking told you so!

The allergy gal called this morning and said Sky did test positive for dairy allergy.....

I hate to be this way, but I swear sometimes people make out like you are crazy when you just know something about your child is not right. Regardless of what the blood would have shown, I would have left her off the dairy.

This weekend was the best weekend she has had in a month. She has been off the dairy now 2 weeks and the difference in her is night and day. The coughing is minimal and virtually no gagging....maybe once or twice a day some small gags but all in all I am very, very pleased at how well she is doing.

She and I are ready to bury the Coach throw up bucket deep under the ground.

D had me look up the "Ezekiel 4:9" bread ingredients that caused her to throw up so hard last week or so...........low and behold the ingredients so closely mimic the protein during digestion of "milk, eggs, & whey" that they had caused her to vomit hard. I had thought it was the nuts/seeds in the bread or something, but that wasn't it at all, it was the proteins the bread makes during digestion mimicking milk proteins. I feel so relieved to just know some things for sure in my mind.

Now I really do have a plan that is based on something real and not just me floundering around making a bunch of guesses.

It isn't that I trust some doctor to know my child and make decisions for me...its just knowing that I am not overreacting and getting all nutted up.

Just want to give a shout out to Dr. John Fox (my favorite chiropractor) and his wife Shay for being such great friends to D and I even when we are so far away. Thank you John, for letting me go off on my tangent then giving me solid encouraging advice. Thank you for reminding me of the things I needed to thank God for when I was neglecting them. Thank you Shay for letting me be a crazy mom and encouraging all my mommy eccentricities...for encouraging me to be diligent about my own child's health and not be intimidated. Oh yeah, and for sending me countless delicious food pics that make Sky feel Oreos ;oD

Amy & "Greg" miss you so much.....please move to TN, we need you here more than they need you there!!!!!!!!!


Linear Heritage of Women said...

I am so thankful that you found out what was wrong with Sky! I pray she doesn't get sick anymore! God has really blessed you with the "Mommy instinct." ;)

Anonymous said...

I am very thankful that u found out what was making your baby girl so sick, but you need to have faith in yourself as a mother, my dear child. God gave you discernment over your children. You have good judgement when it comes to making decisions regarding your children and you ARE a good mother! Quit letting satan undermine you! You go girl and keep up the good work! Mrs Pat