Sunday, June 7, 2009

STOP IT! My ears are dang burning girl..............

1. I am addicted to the burn of Listerine. I love that total gum burning sensation after a good tooth brushing and a good mouth swooshing rinse. It makes me feel GOOOOOOOOOOD! I LOVE it!

2. This weekend I heard the most awful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the little league ball park. It made me want to put my hands over my ears and just holler, "STOP! STOP, Who told you to sing this? Why didn't someone tell you the correct words to sing?" The gal looked exactly like what folks think home schooled kids look like, but thank God above she wasn't. We get a bad enough rap without stuff like that. Oh man, it takes courage to sing in front of a crowd I know, which is why I didn't holler out in terror for her to stop. They should have just played the tape they usually play with no one singing.

Oh SON, it was just A W F U L.

Baseball season is over for my family. !Hallelujah! This is another blog for later in the week, after I can think clearly about the season with proper perspective.

3. VBS starts this week and even though I am barely doing anything that makes a darn difference, I feel exhausted thinking about it for the coming week.

4. The excuses I am making to the Lord are starting to get old......even to me, like a broken record. I am about to get tired of myself.

5. Kettle brand chips, Buffalo Blue flavor, cannot come into my house ever again. I am an irresponsible Kettle chip eater.

Okay....that should about do it for the night.


Anonymous said...

Suck it up and get over yourself! I hear your going to the beach for a week after VBS anyways. You can have you downtime then!!!!!!!!!

The Rare Amylesaurus said...

I'll give you the get over yourself. It is very apparent to me though, that you must have never taken 4 children to the beach. That requires a tad more effort than sitting under an umbrella with an umbrella in my drink......Going to the beach? yes, surely.....vacation? hmmmmm yes, for the get out town, no, for the get out of work.

I'll just get back to my sucking it up.......