Wednesday, June 17, 2009

you know, some fat girls need an intervention from the one piece fairy....

So I am at the beach.

We are having a pretty good time. My mom's back is out with the sciatic nerve thing. That totally sucks. When I was pregnant I had the whole sciatic nerve in the back thing going on and it was awful, so I feel for her. Plus her birthday will be on Father's Day this year. I was so hoping she would have an awesome time and keep her mind focused on good things around this time.

She has two more full days before she leaves to head back to Atlanta, I am praying that after a good day of rest today she'll feel tons better and be able to do a little more. She has spent most of the day today in the condo resting and fact, right now she is totally sleeping, and has been for a couple hours. What a total bummer to be at the beach and be stuck in the "I can't move at all it is agony," position on vacation.

Anyway, of all the crazy things, we are all missing our dog Jenny. That was unexpected.

The kids have gone to get some temporary tattoos and blow off some steam. This day we spent in the pool because some of my peeps got to much sun, despite the fact we all had on 30 spf, waterproof, sweatproof, bulletproof sunscreen. It worked out fine though they like the pool better anyway.

I have NEVER understood the point of coming to the beach to swim in the pool. I am like you're at the beach get sandy and salty...get it on, swim in the pool when we get back. Zach got popped by a stingray last year and he is was a little ocean shy at first. Which I can understand that.

Here is something useful to know.....if you ever get stung by a stingray, don't put cold on it! It makes the pain 10X worse, you must put heat as hot as you can stand on it. The pain will instantly almost go away. But you have to keep it on there a while. Z was in so much pain that D had to carry him off the beach last year.

Anyway, not to much else going on right now, just the usual...staring at peeps who are stark white with no sunscreen on like idiots, looking at men with man boobs who have been burnt everywhere except where their man boobs are.....discussions on fat girls and old women with bikini's on who should invest in a nice one piece, over eating great seafood, and beach walks at night with glow necklaces and bracelets from the Dollar Tree.

Will catch up again later when something beside CB's extreme excitement over the big garbage truck dumping trash happens...I swear you would have thought it was the ice cream man and Santa Claus.


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