Monday, November 23, 2009

Ghetto Kindles Gone Wild, and so has my pinky......

Today I was in such a hurry to get out of the house and on the road, to get the kids some hair cuts........

so I hurried and jumped in the shower, hurried and dried my hair mostly, put on some lip gloss, and then so quickly put a bit of lotion on my dry face. In that order....lip gloss first like an idiot, then face lotion.....this way I was sure to smear lip gloss all over my face along with the lotion.

Oh yeah and this too......I was rubbing the lotion on my face so fast in a circular motion that my pinky finger with a stout finger nail on it, slid up my left nostril, almost to my brain and cut the inside of my nose like a knife. Instantly I felt sheer eye watering pain, that slowed my haste immediately.

Blood began to run from my nose was utter senselessness.

Who jabs their finger up their nose putting on facial lotion and bleeds like they have cut their whole nose off.

uuuuuuuhh, me.....

My nose is still raw or something inside.

I was telling D I wanted a Kindle. You know, one of those gadgets you read books on that is not really a book. D is really good at finding the deals on the web so I thought he might locate a used one or maybe some off the wall great deal that I could not find. He started searching and saw this guy on YouTube who claimed he could turn a lap top or netbook into a kindle.

The idiot basically configured his lap top screen vertical and ran some other whacked out application....and then held his laptop like he was reading a menu.

I was embarrassed for him. I really believe he is a first rate idiot (right along with me cause I jabbed my finger up my nose putting on facial lotion). I mean could you see people sitting in the airport, waiting room at a doc's office, or coffee shop with their lap top turned sideways like a large menu??? Before I would do that I would just use the laptop like it was supposed to be used and read from the dang screen like you are SUPPOSED TO FREAKIN DO!!

I know I can be so cynical and sarcastic sometimes......but really this guy was serious. It was just an inadequate idea. He aired his incompetent idea on YouTube for the world to see.

All that to say....D said I could have a Kindle.......a "Ghetto Kindle".......he would just turn HIS laptop side ways for me and I could read it like a menu..........eeeeesh

Now I don't want one anyway, cause DAG GONE!! They are so dag gone expensive!! I will take a $6 used paperback everyday of the week over a $400 reading device......and I'll totally skip the ghetto kindle.


I am still unnerved by the commercials being ran on Fox News for

I am about to write Fox News and ask them if they are so darn conservative, why are they promoting extramarital affairs?! You know the world is going to hell in a hand basket when it's okay to run a business for having affairs and ADVERTISE THE CRAP ON FOX FREAKIN NEWS!! I am disappointed with them for being a "Pinhead."

The commercial I last saw showed this fellow in the bed with this overweight, messy looking woman. He was looking at her then at a liquor bottle almost empty. It gave you the impression he'd had a one night stand. He climbs out of bed with his shoes in hand and his pants, he's heading downstairs. The voice over says something like a one night stand in one thing but for the rest of your life.....really??? the man coming down the stairs spies his wedding photo with the messy woman, and he looks like he can't believe he married her. Then the voice over again spews out the web site logo as if they are there to help out.

I actually went to the web site, they claim to have "over 4,790,000 anonymous members."

It's sick to think this is what marriage has come to. A casual commitment on paper.
What is wrong with people???

What is wrong with Fox News???!!!

I mean this whole thing reminds me of when Girls Gone Wild was on every channel, every commercial after a certain time of night....including THE WEATHER CHANNEL!! I remember nursing Sky late at night and you couldn't see a commercial that was not Girls Gone Wild, with pothead Snoop Doggy Dog.

At that same time, dag gone Sesame Street had Pothead Snoop Doggy Dog on singing with the puppets. I was like, WHAT??!! He is a roll model??!! On Sesame Street??!! I was waitin for Elmo to bust a verse of Zoe Gone Wild at any given moment and yank her puppet shirt off.
What could that guy possibly have to offer the young children who watch Sesame Street? He could teach them how to roll one maybe, or how to wear your pants so your butt crack shows without lookin like a plumber but instead a cool gangsta.........Whatever........

.....Whoever put that fool on Sesame Street musta been high.

Whoever chose to air the commercials on Fox News is a loser.


Linear Heritage of Women said...

I totally agree, Amy. The media and society in general have really downplayed marriage. Many people today think that if you have an affair outside of marriage that it's not a big deal. I am personally aquainted with people that strongly believe this and have had at least a few affairs while married. Then, their spouse just shurgs and carries on as if it's nothing.

I saw an Oprah show about a year ago that had "swingers" on her stage being interviewed. Apparently, "swinging" is a cool new way to approach marriage. These married men and women were on her show actually bragging that they got married with the intention of having sex with other people! They have these "get-togethers" as I choose to call them where the spouses can check each other out and see if they would be compatible. I could not beleive what I was watching!

So, it looks like Fox News has sunk to a new low by advertising this kind of trash on their channel. It's no wonder with things like this on television that it's so hard to raise children with good values and a high moral character. It's also no wonder that I don't see many kids with manners and good morals anymore - especially with people like Snoop Dog on Seasame Street! Not many safe-havens on TV for kids anymore.

The Rare Amylesaurus said...

Oprah....she's an idiot....who said that? LOL