Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I can't wait to go to high school so I can sing and dance all day........

While I was blogging the other day about how crazy Zac makes me some days.........this happened to my child whom I told she could give herself a makeover with my make-up.......

.......... so I could blog in peace......

Just so I can make myself perfectly clear, I told her she could give herself a make-over. In my mind that means apply make-up to your face. In my mind she might get a bit crazy with some lipstick.

It is absolutely vivid to me that to an almost 7 year old that means MAKE OVER YOUR WHOLE BODY!! Go crazy with way to dark ballet recital blush, get totally Pamela Anderson with the lipstick, and why does shimmer only go on your eye lids where it can seal in your shadow, when it can seal deep dark blush all over your whole body.

.......So I finished having some peace. I turn my attention to the child who has been sitting 5 yards at the most from me the whole time, and sitting on a towel thank goodness, and gasp at the sight. She is the color of a brick all over her arms, legs, feet, face. I tell her she is done and physically carry the child to the tub, instucting her not to touch anything on the way. No worries though, because it won't come off with water. The make-up doesn't move, when I begin to hose her off......AT ALL......cause it is sealed on the with "shimmer."

I soap the rag up super good and just start scrubbing. This is how my tub looked when she got out. Mind you, this doesn't count what washed down the tub drain, this is only what stuck to the sides when the water level dropped.

The whole botton half of my tub was covered in a film of pink......that wouldn't rinse with water, it had to be scrubbed too.

Skylar has always been can I put this........risque child, she hides nothing. If she is thinking it, she will say it.

Even if she knows she shouldn't say it for she might get into trouble, her eyes will speak it for her. Her eyes can burn a hole through you when she is angry.

She didn't like to wear clothes until she was like, 3 (May says "4, she still doesn't wear a lot of clothes). I can't count how many times she has eaten at our dinner table naked. In fact, once Derrick said, "Why is it every night when I come home from work, I have to eat dinner with a naked baby? What if I came to the dinner table naked every night?" To which May informed him not to do that because it would be "disturbing." I used to pick her up from church and they would hand me her shoes and her tights. People at my church knew she would not wear all her clothes, they would say to me, "We tried to get her to keep the tights on but she just kept taking them off, so we just left them off." As soon as we would hit the door on a Sunday after church, she would strip off her clothes and leave them where ever they landed to go play in her room.

I have countless pics of her asleep in a closet or sleeping under a table butt naked. She is more boy crazy now than May has ever been. She told me she couldn't wait to go to high school so she could dance and sing all day (High School Musical) with Zac Efron. She was serious & put off with me when I told her:

a) Zac Efron wouldn't be at her school unless he was a flunky when she got that age
b) kids don't sing and dance all day at school

.......from the make-up madness that same day, she came out in these ensembles while playing dress up with May.

It's disturbing.

I feel like I should be on my face praying for her, me and her daddy ......right now........eeesh

...maybe it's a phase and she'll just grow out of it.......again, eeeeesh

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Danielle said...

You know how I feel about this child....LOVE HER!!!!!!!!! And I'm sorry you had to scrub your pink tub :)