Monday, July 27, 2009

I was sitting there and it exploded......oh wait, I think I can hear some ringing or something......

This morning I hacked up my apple tree to punish it for not putting out the quality & quantity apples it put out last year. The apples are ugly and disgusting looking because they want to be fed chemicals, which neither D nor I put onto the tree to keep it free of disease and bugs.

Because I was on massacre in my own insanity from lack of sugar in my coffee this AM, I hacked up my oak tree and my willow also. I felt much better afterward, though they did not. I did put some tree bandaid on them though, cause I love that stuff.

I was also informed by Pappy it is the inappropriate time to trim trees, which I already knew. I always trim my trees at the wrong time and they are always fine, in fact they look pretty dang good I think.....beside if one dies I will just plant another one.

So what..... they look disturbing right now, they will look wonderful by next spring....they always do.

After I had taken disciplinary action on my apple tree I headed in to take a bath and clean up.

This is how it happened....

May following me around the house talking - so yeah, dad taught me how to test the tire pressure on the bike tires and then fill them up with the air compressor. So now Dad says I am one up on Zach. I just need you to show me how to change the pieces on the air compressor.

A- Why now? I am fixin to take a bath.
M- I want to ride bikes with Zach.

...I go & show her how to change the pieces and leave to take a bath.

.......I'm in the tub and in comes May...

M- The stupid tire won't blow up, the little air thingy keeps going inside the the tire when I put the air on it.
A- You aren't pushing the piece on right
M- yes I am, it won't go
A- I will look at it when I get out
M- (sigh & Huff)
A- What?! I am taking a bath!......can't you wait? What am I supposed to do, get out of the tub naked and go put air in the bike tire for you?! (I resume washing my hair)

M- I am just going to try again myself ( I don't hear this because I am washing my hair) comes Cole as usual stripping off his clothes to get in also. Cole agrees that if he gets to bathe with me he has to take a nap when he gets out.

He is splashing around and I am bathing (!POP!)

C- What was that in the garage, Mommy?
A- I don't know probably Maysie & Zach bumping into the wall or something. (I should have said oh, that is just May blowing her face off with the air compressor and bicycle tires) comes May, looking like this....

and shaking.....

M- I just popped the tire and I can't hear, Oh wait.... I can hear a little, well there is this ringing.....but I don't know why it popped because there was no air in it when I checked the pressure. It said zero, then it said 25 and then it exploded.

A-(I am concerned about her ear, but at the same time about to bust out laughing cause she is so wigged out and rambling on about her Manny, Moe, and Jack tire pressure skills)
May the tire just exploded?

A- You weren't putting air into the tire when it exploded?
M- No
A-May that is stupid, and makes no sense....I was just sitting there staring at the tire and it exploded,'re lying you were touching it.

M- No I wasn't I just checked the pressure and I put just a tad more in and I was cleaning up the tools and there was hissing or something and then it exploded. Stop laughing at me, it isn't funny! Have you ever blown up a tire?

A- No, but May you are so worked up it's ridiculous, go have a coke or something and settle down it's not all that, why didn't you wait for me to get out? Besides don't try to make this all about me, I can get my own self into trouble with out you reminding Dad I have done something bad before.

M- Are you going to tell Dad?
A- Yes...cause it's funny, you can hear now right?
M- Yes, why do you have to tell him?
A- because I have to tell him we need a new tube or something, I don't know about bike tubes and I don't want to learn about them either. (I am dried off now and dressed) Let me go see what kind of damage you have done......

(in the garage, I see it just needs a new tube)

A- yeah, it just looks popped and it stinks in here too
A-uuuuuhhh because you BLOWED up a tire
M- pleeeaase don't tell Daddy. See how good this other one looks that I did (pointing at the back tire)

A- May, it's a dang bicycle tire, I'm tellin dad, cause I am the one who always does stupid stuff and now it is someone else, so it is a done deal.

Oh yeah..... and I yearbooked myself at and these are to funny not to share. This first one makes me laugh out loud a lot and hard!

Okay no joke...So sad, but true, in this one, I totally look just like my moms high school photo.....

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Anonymous said...

Dang girl you hacked up my apple tree. Good thing I haven’t taught you how to run the chainsaw.

I’m just thankful that I produced good fruit!!!!!