Tuesday, July 7, 2009

once......I ran over a chicken.......

Got a great new Starbucks cup with my Mother's Day gift card.

This cup makes me happy every time I use it. Filled with tasty good droplets of that sweet delicious drink that makes my body GO, GO, GO!!!!!!

It's Tennessee Orange and just a delight to hold with that great comfort grip sleeve.

It really is the small things that make my world go round.


These are the things I did not hit on Sunday on the way to church....a chicken, a chipmunk, a dog, a squirrel, and a guinea hen.

These are the things I did hit on the way to church.....two frogs and a turtle.....plus it's Tuesday and this morning I hit a snake, but I didn't feel bad about that one.

I know running over a turtle sucks and I was disturbed by that. But dang, there were two in the road cause it rained and a car was coming in the other lane so I had to hit it.

One of the gals in my Sunday school class told me I just could have stopped and waited for the car to pass then go around. I didn't think of that though, cause I panicked cause I was running late for church. It has to be really bad if you run over a turtle.

I never hit a single animal until I moved to TN. I must have run over 5 squirrels, at least 10 stupid freakin frogs, snakes which I run over on purpose. I mean....I swerve to the other lane to run over them if I can do it safely. I have had an idiot dog run slap under my car as I was coming to a stop at a stop sign, thank goodness. He got bumped on the head under my car and then ran out. What kind of idiot dog runs under a car while it is passing? I have ran over a chicken and now I can add turtle to that awful list.

Oh yeah there was a fly massacre in my garage two weekends ago. I killed like, I don't know, 107 flies....me, Z, & May...it was quite the sport, and fun too. Flies are disgusting.

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