Sunday, May 31, 2009

I know a little something about mulligans...........

okay, okay, OKAY!

The Mother's Day blog...........Oh man, caught some heat for that one. But I am of the the notion if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

I can stand the I ain't leavin.

It's funny cause to me the blog was about truths, how to's & how not to's and terrific pictures of us having fun. But I guess it would appear if one looked at that blog in a different might feel, say......aggitated.......a little, or maybe a lot.

It's the whole men are from mars, women are from Venus issue, I guess. One of my neighbors, who is a man, actually told me he thought men understood women more than women understand men.....I just had to freakin laugh out loud in his face, cause that's dang funny. I asked him if was smokin crack, cause that is the most crazy thing I ever heard a man say. D was with me, and he told that guy to just "Stop, you cannot win this one, you are diggin a hole."

Anyway, we have had Mother's Day blog discussions pretty regularly. All over the place, my house, neighbors houses, phone conversations, x, y, & z, people just want to jump in on the notion of the blog truths or the for the greater good of all mankind trying to keep the "Man Code" manly.

After one of these discussions, where the women finally won the battle of words if not in deeds on a neighbors porch,........ the kind where you solve all the worlds problems in 30 minutes to an hour and everyone is stupid except us.....D did some some serious rethinking about Mother's Day.

The following morning, which is this past Saturday, he wakes me up at 7:00ish....He says, "Amy, are you awake?....Hey, are you up yet? I want to show you some I found this morning."

In my mind I'm all....duh, my head is laying on this pillow and my body is not moving, I am not awake yet, if you are going to show me a turtle that you picked up from our flower bed, I am going to just die twice, cause I already saw it yesterday.....

So I turnover, and what do I see? A beautiful breakfast on a tray (Winnie the pooh, but I totally could have cared less). On one side was the Saturday morning paper, on the other side was a great little jar with fresh flowers tucked in the cup holder. For the breakfast he had made real hash brown potatoes, not frozen from the bag, with the exact right amount or ketchup, a fried egg (runny the way I liked it), a terrific fluffy biscuit, and oranges that he had cut in some fancy way an twisted. It was so pretty. The butter he had scooped out perfectly with a small ice cream scooper and put it beside blueberry jam (my favorite), in this cute easy bake oven cake pan. It all went together just so special.

The night before we had watched Pride & Prejudice with Kiera Knightley with M & Z. The last scene Mr. Darcy asks Kiera when might he call her "Mrs. Darcy." She says something like only when you are completely and madly in love with me.

On the breakfast plate D had written me a card that said, "I love you Mrs. Williams".....I thought I would cry.

I ate the whole thing in peace, read the funnies, and not one kid got up until I was through with my second cup of coffee that D had fixed me.

So despite the fact I look horrid in this photograph, in fact it may even make your eyes burn.........

I owe D this mulligan. Love you Babe, breakfast in bed rocked my world, it was delicious!!!


Danielle said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!! D does have a sweet precious! And you don't look horrid =)

Anonymous said...

Your husband is great!!!! You should go out and buy him a Weber stainless steel gas grill! Nothing says I love you like a Weber!

The Rare Amylesaurus said...

Yeah that's a great idea, I'm on it!