Thursday, May 21, 2009

you can take a girl from the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto outta the girl.....

When I was growing up we lived in apartments. All my life we lived in the same apartments, different units at different times, but at the same place for 18 years. I still keep in touch with lots of those folks, especially now that Facebook has become one of my time wasting, mindless hobbies.

Anyway, we obviously didn't have all the things that were the new and it things when we were younger. I tease my kids now cause at Christmas we got apples and oranges in our stockings with a pack of gum and a lifesaver book. I always tell them Santa must being doing a little better these days ;oD

Once when I was older & married with kids, D & I went to my oldest friend Lisa's new house for a visit and swim. I have known Lisa since she was 5 and I was 6, her sister Maureen was like 4 or something, and their youngest sister Andrea, I have known her whole life......apartment friends.
Lisa was my best friend for as long as I can remember till high school. We were a grade apart, therefore making new best friends and new interest. We always tapped each other in the hallway at school just to say "Hi" even though we rarely hung out anymore. So our time together now is super special, in that we have known one another so long, had 4 kids a piece, & both lost our fathers. Though we don't speak but maybe once a year, we pick up where we left off, it is very comfortable to me.

....back to the story, so we were swimming in the community pool at her subdivision, her sister Andrea was there with her child too. All our kids were swimming & looking for goggles. Andrea piped up and stated, "We don't have any goggles, just use your ghetto goggles."

I was like, "What is that?" Andrea made her pointer finger tips touch her thumb tips, like an "okay" sign, and put them up to her face. We all started laughing. She said, "When we were growing up we couldn't afford goggles and we had to wear our Ghetto Goggles to the pool".....we all thought that was so funny.

...from that point on, anything D & I have had that has been half jacked has been "Ghetto_____".

For example: We have a john boat, it's name is the Ghetto Yacht......our pontoon boat is called Ghetto Yacht....the Sequel.

So last night, I made Skylar a chicken patty sandwich, on wheat bread, cause we were out of buns. I totally cut the bread in a circle, and studied it.

It was so Ghetto Chick-fil-A, it reminded me of Eddie Murphy in the 80's talking about his momma's "big, green peppa welfare burger" while all the other kids had McDonalds. (you can actually youtube that video but it has some pretty bad language, it's funny though)

So here is my Ghetto Chick-fil-A served on ghetto china no less.....

Sky liked it, she ate two...she is surely Ghetto.

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