Sunday, January 31, 2010

snowy with a 100% chance of smiles...........

A- What's the weather today?

M-(in her best anchor girl voice) Today's weather is overcast and snowy with a 100% chance of smiles

On your mark,
Get set,

(clicking on the photos may enlarge them)

Cole can hang with the big dogs with no was me
who was worried. The boy steers the Flexible Flyer better than I do
and going mock 10 no less.

....and at the end of the day, you get a tired little boy........

Sunday morning brought this beautiful sunrise with the moon beaming in my kitchen window, in competition with the sun for attention.

oh and then there was this.....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lady Ma Ma in tha house............

Some people think spending time blogging is somewhat pointless or in the frame of wasting time........I don't know, it's my thing, that's all I can say......

I am not sure where D falls in, he knows I like to do it, but he likes to spoof on me a bit, I don't care. It's just D, I can handle him......and well, I might add ;o)

So one morning he came off with this.....

"Dear Blog,"

....cause he always says this first, when he is about to spoof on me and say something semi-retarded....

"Dear Blog,

Today I held a dove white cup in my hand. When I saw the cup was empty I felt void. So I filled my cup up with water.........

I thought to myself.....the spillin water reminds me......(insert drama galore) that I should use it....... to wash the shampoo out of my hair........

The end"


The gal who sings the song Poker Face, Lady Ga Ga, was doing an interview on TV and they had her song playing in the background.

Really that girl is a disgusting & foul girl to me, but her song was stuck in my head while I was cleaning up the kitchen.

So I 'm in the kitchen singin some seriously distorted cowgirl version of Poker Face....

(D hollering from the living room)

D- OOOOOOkay...that's quite enough of that Lady Ma Ma (momma)


....putting the kids laundry into their rooms, I am unsure whose shirt is whose

A- Sky? Whose shirt is this yours or May's?

S- I think it's May's

A- Are you sure it looks small?

S- Well, you know,..... she is shaped like a pencil.......


(In the context of kids calling mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom)

M & S checking out the weather on the computer, Cole comes in to see what they are up to......

S- MOM!!

I don't answer, cause I know the answer to their question is something they can ascertain for themselves if they just use their brain.....

S- MOM!!!!!

CB- Sky, don't call her that, she gets ticked off .........

(........this is somewhat true cause CB over uses my name. I told him I was going to change my name to a dirty word and dare him to call my name)


"Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all." ...........Mark 9:35

This verse encourages me,
it tells me all the mothers I know & I
will be first in line

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey Big Bird! I got an idea, why don't you shut up?

In my house we have a problem saying .........."shut up"

I think I am the only mother in all America who has allowed her kids to say shut up without washing their mouth out with soap.

I am so tired of hearing my people say "shut up" that I made a jar and told them that if they said it, they would have .50 deducted from their accounts each time.

I thought Z would go bankrupt within the first 4 hours, but he finally got it together. Then D came home and he pretty much off'd himself.

The second day went much better, declaring we can tell Jenny to "shut up" but that's it. Z put it upon himself to tell people to "show me the money" in place of "shut up."

I have found that to be useful on know, if he says, "Amy, where is my dinner?"...I say, "Show me the money, eat leftovers...".....or something like that.

I was putting Cole to bed and his Big Bird puzzle was going off counting every time I bumped his puzzle bin. I said, "for the love of all things great and small Big Bird, shut up..."

C- Momma you said shut up, put some money in the jar....

A- oooohh, (real sweet like) it's okay CB I can tell Big Bird to shut up...........

the next day............

......CB is playing a Sesame Street matching game on the computer in Sky's room during school, Big Bird is going off about the wrong matches and so forth, Cole isn't finding what Big Bird wants....

CB- Hey Big Bird! I got an idea, why don't you shut up, cause I can tell you to shut up, Momma said so......

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

knots, granny panties, & furry armpits.......

Some time back ago CB had climbed into the bed with me early in the morning.

He usually sleeps as close to me as he can get, snuggled in super tight. He wasn't as tight as normal so I opened my eyes. It was just bright enough from a light left on in the bathroom, that he could see my upper body out of the covers. He eyes were opened staring at me, with his thumb in his mouth and a furrowed brow.

I'm all, "CB it's early go to sleep..."

CB-....put you arm down, you furry armpits sticking my face.....

A- COLE! I am gonna shave this morning! Go to sleep!!

...but kids just don't forget anything, ever......

So he hopped in the tub with me yesterday. I told him to get out early cause I was going to shave my legs....

CB- Yeah.,.... an don't forget you furry armpits....

A- Cole! Get out!!

I was in a bit of a hurry that when I got out after shaving my "furry" legs and armpits.....I sprayed Glade, French Vanilla, under my arms instead of deodorant.

I made a conscious decision to be grateful that I did not use the Lysol antibacterial spray under my arms.

...............for some reason this random act of absent mindedness, reminded me of one time when I was doing laundry last summer. Cole was running around the house with some granny panties on his head. I hadn't really paid that much attention to him.

Z was in my room helping sort a bazillion pairs of socks cause I hate them. I just throw them in the "sock bucket" and let the kids conquer and divide. I just can't find any benefit to my life by standing in one place trying to match a bazillion pairs of socks, it's a total waste of time, cause in 4 to 5 days, it's the same scene all deja vu, for I just don't.

Cole comes in with the granny panties on his head. We smile at him and so forth cause he's little and cute and he can pull off wearing panties on his head.

As he is leaving the room he hangs them on my bedroom doorknob by a leg hole. I forget them.

In he comes again with his cowboy boots on and his underwear. He remembers the grannies hanging on the knob. He procedes to stick his head through the leg hole that is still hooked on the knob...

...his dang cowboy boot catches on something and there he is left nearly hanging himself with my grannies on the bedroom doorknob in a panic. Z quickly runs over to him and yanks him up and unhooks the stupid things off the knob.

I spout off to Cole to never ever put stuff around is neck like that again and give him the motherly talk about why this is important and fala la la la lala la

Having been rescued and now feeling better about life he leaves again.....Z and I are in silence folding laundry again....I guess we both are rethinking the event.

Suddenly it is 100% absurd and I am hearing the 10:00 news anchor...

"This evening in kacky a lacky, TN a 3 year old boy hanged himself with his momma's panties on a doorknob. It would seem the child's cowboy boots, took off without the boy in them and he was left there to fend off the assailant granny panties for himself. His older brother tried to save him but the panties were just too darn big and would not let go of the child, stay tuned for more on this after our check on the woman who ran over her neighbors chicken which happens to be the childs mother.........."

We both started to just laugh at how ridiculous it would be to die by hanging yourself on yer momma's granny panties....I mean who freakin does that?!

I mean, really I am grateful me and Z were there, that could have been bad, but still....dag gone, what are the odds?

So today the boy is calling me frantic from my bedroom. All the other children are in my room with him but he is calling me. I hear Z start laughing and CB is ticked off about that.

The crazy fool had taken the dog leash and wrapped it around his feet, like a hog tie or something and knotted it up. He cannot walk, he is hopping.

A- Cole! Why did you do this?!

CB- I just wanted to see if I could walk.....

I'm trying to undue the cluster of knots- Cole how did you get this all knotted this way, baby don't do this anymore, you could have fallen & knocked all your almost knocked out, teeth out. This is dangerous. Where did you get this leash from?

CB- ....on the dryer, Jenny wanted me to show her she leash, then she run away.

I am thinkin...I bet, I would run away from you too, she probably knew you were gonna tie something up and it wasn't going to be her......

I swear it took me 10 minutes to get that thing unwrapped from around his ankles. When he was free he got up and took off running merrily as if this event had never happened, it wasn't even an after thought in his mind.....

....but by golly he remembers the furry armpits.........

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am not quite sure if I am a squid..........


D mopping all my floors for me last Saturday singing,

"Thaaaaa first noel,
the angel did say,
yourrrrr husband will mop
the floors today"


Trying to get CB down for a nap, I tried to cut some back room deals....

A- If you take a nap, I will read you a book first, then when you wake up I will give you a piece of candy.

CB- No, Momma. I will have the candy now.

A- First we have to read a book and then take a nap.....then you can have a piece of candy.

CB opening the book - Once upon a time there was a little kid who did not want to take a nap, and he didn't......the end (shuts the book) Now can I have my candy?


We waxed May's eyebrows again. May left the waxed eyebrow strips on the bathroom counter.......all day apparently.

When D got home from work, M & I were checking something out on her email.......

D- What is all this sticky hairy paper in here on the counter???!!

M- Oh, that's my eyebrows. I forgot to throw that stuff in the garbage...

D- Amy, tell May to come in here and get her hairy eyebrow friends off the counter, they're scaring me.


Overheard at the doctors office..... some women going over texting illiteracy......

Woman - Yeah, I tell you.... my mom thought LOL was "lots of love" instead of "laughing out loud" and she was using it to sign her sympathy cards.........

That crap was funny as all get out to me.....


Speaking of being "hip & cool," my brother was getting off the phone with me some time back and said "Holla".....

In my mind his phone is breaking up and I need to "holler," you know speak a bit louder, so I am all, "BYE!!!!, I LOVE YOU!!!" He snickers and hangs up.

Apparently after hanging up with me, he immediately calls my mom to tell her I am a total squid. They get a good hoot out of this.

Mom tells me later in the evening how amused they were at my screaming goodbye into the phone. She relays to me that "Holla" means call me, and I am supposed to say, if I am cool or something......"Holla back" which means call me back or you call me....or something dang it.

So the running joke is for me to convey super loudly "HOLLA BACK!!" when I say goodbye to either of them.

Here is the thing, at first when I relayed this story to people, they laughed at me too, cause they all seemed to know this.

This topic came up again this past Wednesday at Awana, I could not find a single adult or young person who knew what this meant.

So I am at a crossroads, am I cool or not?

Maybe only city folks know how to "Holla" and I am not a total squid after all.....'s all just perplexing.....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

intentionally being poured to the sound of the piano.......

Music Playlist at

Tonight I was in the tub taking a piping hot bath.

So hot, my upper lip and brow had to make for themselves a salty drink in which to quench their own thirst.

I thrust only my feet to the cool olive colored tile that looks as if it has been sponged with the almost blackest of the forest greens.

Z is playing a game on the PC in my bedroom. The games background music is almost classical with a melodramatic piano flowing to the high and low keys so slowly that my mind begins to drift.

In my hand I am holding the dove white, round, plastic cup which is intended for the wetting of my hair, full of water.

The water is glistening off the lights.

The heat and the music have put my mind into a trance of wanderings about the highs and lows, the ebbs and flows of the past couple years.

I notice some of the steaming hot, crystal clear water spilling over the edge of the cup to the rushing of the piano intensity, then slowing to the calmness as if on purpose.

My mind is wandering on the births and deaths, the people I have known near to me now and far away.....I was thinking about how some of us pick up as if never separated and some of us never pick up at so full but always drawing closer to the time it will cease to exist.......

words spoken and those unspoken.....thoughts now overflowing like the cup of water intentionally being poured to the sound of the piano, with love unspeakable for the gifts God has given me in this little slice of life..... have loved & to have been shown love......

Then the last drop of water was gone from the cup.

There was not a single drop I could find, and I searched.

I stared at the emptiness in the whiteness with only the shadow of my fingers to break up the void.

I conceded that in my whole and complete love for the Lord and all the things I believe about being with Him after the passing of my earthly body, it might be this way.

I will have enjoyed the flow.

The highs and the lows....

...and when it is done, it is done, the only thing left is a shadow. When I am with Him I will not have even one drop of this life to take with me. I understand this is where I have to rely on knowing He is faithful and that his words are true to me at my very most pinpointed core.

That there are things so great that I cannot think of.

Still staring at the completely empty cup thinking on the things I cannot think of because they are to great for my earthly mind to grasp.....

....I have to smile inside, because God just does that to me. His power and gentleness just makes me crazy strong and full of concentrated, passionate hope.

The piano quits playing. The cup is still empty.

I hear Z rock back in the chair.

I hear faint fireworks, he has conquered the game.

Z, mumbling to himself in a barely hearable whisper, "That's sweet."

......I think to myself in gratitude for His unfailing love for me ....

...Yeah God, that's sweet.

I love Him......

Friday, January 15, 2010

I think my eyes changed colors...........

I got May the Twilight book series for Christmas.

I polled what seemed like 500 people to see if they were age appropriate. I read every little snippit I could find about the movie and book reviews. Seeing as I was totally opposed to the Harry Potter series, I was finding it extremely hard to see how I could allow her to read these.

But I swear the feedback I was getting and the reviews I read all seemed completely cool.

The books claim to be teen fiction.

May had read Frank Peretti's(teen fiction) Nightmare academy, Hangman's Curse, and finally graduated to the big time, my Frank Peretti books....House and This Present darkness.

Frank Peretti is a Christian writer. He writes about spiritual warfare...good vs. bad.....angels vs demons....and House, is no picnic, it's totally creepy, but in the end the spiritual good has victory and the book ends satisfying. Same for This Present Darkness, heavy reading. The book makes you think on how your sins are stroked by evil in subtle ways......for real. To me, if she could read those.....she could have the books for Christmas.

So I thought I would read them with her, sort of start before her, finish ahead of her and then let her play catch up.

uuuuumm, no...

Christmas day she started reading and finished the first 500 page book in about two days. She past it to Z, who then read it fervently in about 5 or 6 days. Then......they gave it to me. Well heck, I was still trying to quickly finish reading my girly book and didn't finish that for a about another week or two. By that time May had consumed the second 600+ page book in about 6 to 7 days and now Z has it.

I am only in chapter 16 of the first book......and I am so dang hooked. I can't think of anything but reading that dang book all dag gone day.

If I go to the bathroom I read the book.

If I am eating lunch, reading the book.

...any snippit I can sneak a few pages in, excitement sweeps over me, I run and hide to read about Edward and Bella.

I am excited to read teen fiction. In fact, the dang book is so enticing I have re-read parts of it already just to remember the intensity of certain scenes as they are replayed in other chapters.

That is a bizarre thing to do before one finishes a book...... re-read it just because.

The book has been completely clean, completely mythical fiction, completely not gory. It ultimately is a love story with no graphic details, but intense first real love/attraction emotion......which intensifies all scenes in the book to an amazing level. To the point, you think if they don't just get one kiss, your own emotions will explode. It's the ultimate thing you cannot have but want type feeling that keeps one turning the pages. The author clearly wrote this for teen readers. The language is not heavy, but yet still detailed enough, to hold an adult readers attention uncontrollably. So far I am loving the first book. During the day, I can't wait to get back to it.

While Z has not enjoyed them quite as much as May and I, he will concur that he believes Edward is "cool" and the books are surely worth reading. His thoughts are Percy Jackson is the best, these are good, but girls are just a little crazy over these because of Edward.........


Such as these events..........

This morning I threw a temper tantrum cause it took Sky entirely too long to write 20 freakin words, May needed help on an algebra exam, Z needed help with his math, and Cole was calling "Mom.....Mom...Mom....Mom....Mom...Mom....Mom...Mom"

I proceeded to tell them I was having an Edward moment where I had to severely control myself or it would be bad for them. That if they did not stop all asking for help at one time I was going to send them all to public school where they could sit in the cafeteria and be the smart, pale, weirdos that no one talks to and stares at.

......which they thought was hilarious. It actually helped lighten my mood.

I think my eyes changed colors.

So I thought I should eat something and bring my sugar to a more tolerable level. I was talking about my perfect sandwich out loud as I placed stuff on the counter, I discovered we were out large tortillas for a wrap, I groaned woefully. May sweetly, too sweetly, started to suggest other breads, or maybe different sandwiches, she was sweet talking me cause she knew I was about to have a break down before lunch....I told her she was "dazzling me"..........

May - Mom.......Stop it...

Then I told her I would just have a tuna sandwich with purple onions, and then I would breathe on her while I was close to her, helping her with math and make her feel faint.......

May - MOM! Stop it!! I might pass out but it won't be because I am mesmerized......can I just say, this might be a good time for an intervention........I am taking the book away from you, you aren't allowed to see the movie.

Z thinks this is hilarious, he thinks everything she says is hilarious....

So tonight we had lasgana for dinner. I made some off handed comment about hunting for my (plate of) food....and tied it into the book on purpose cause I knew they would go nuts....

Z & M - MOM!!!!

May - Give me the book!

....the one of which she is re-reading right now on my bedroom floor to find the part about Edward telling Bella he was jealous, despite the fact she is in the middle of the 3rd book.

......the one that if I am reading in the bathroom she will stand over me and read, though she has already read it.

......the one Zac will stand over me and re-read if I am sitting on the couch and then he'll try to the point of excruciating restraint, not to tell me what happens next.......

....yeah...... that book(insert crooked smile that I love).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Elvis.......

Happy 12th Birthday're tha

King :oD

You are my
favorite first born
son. ;oD

Love, Priscilla XOXO

Monday, January 11, 2010

Coke taste better in a round bottle......

Remember this song...

Music Playlist at


I love little baby ducks, big pick up trucks and rain.....

I love really shiny things, like great big diamond rings and trains.....

and IIIII looooove yoooouu too

....I love Tides new product Boost, Melalueca juice, and caffeine free Coke and penguins....

I love Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, Diego Luna's tights, and not being broke
and turtles.....

and IIIII loooove yooouuu too

anyhoo, it's Monday and this is all I got.........

This Melalueca product is rocking my world. I put it on everything. I burned my forehead with a curling iron, which was pure idiocy due to the depth perception thing I guess......I could not get it to heal cause it was constantly getting wet. I started putting this oil on it and within about three days the thing is about gone. LOVE IT! I put it on some zits, it worked. I have put it on a number of things, love it, love it, love it. The smell is unique at first, like sandalwood, spruce trees or something, now I am growing addicted to it. Buy it, use it!

Found these at Wally World during the holidays. Along with the deformed party grape, these were a great hit. I think Coke taste better in a round bottle.

I cannot tell you how crazy I am about this product. I use it every time I wash some colors, cause they come out so fresh and bright. Stains are falling out of laundry without a ton of chemical pretreatment. I was using the "natural" laundry products and they weren't cutting the mustard(pun intended) I hate to say, so I randomly bought this to see how it worked. Great purchase, won't be without this while I have kids at home. You want your dull clothes to be brighter and look cleaner? Use this once you'll be hooked.

This is CB dancing to some hip hop song at Great Clips while Crazy Nana got her mullet cut off......

....and bored one morning during the holidays this happened

During the tiny bit of snow that turned into hard ice last week, we tried to sled a bit.
It didn't go that swift. Although siblings fight and so forth, this encouraged me. Without me asking, Z pulled the little ones home, through grass and even up hill, just cause they didn't get to sled and were disappointed. I thought to myself, he's a little testosterone'd up these days, but man....he is a good big brother to Sky and Cole. They are so lucky. I am glad they have a big brother, it's completely cool.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

That's what God told the dung beetle......

Sky is supposed to eat more fibrous food, for a variety of reasons.

She hates all of it.

We get a good bit of her fiber from tortillas of all things. Some of them have like 22 grams of Fiber in one tortilla, which is least to me. It doesn't take much to amaze me apparently.

Anyhoo, I had bought the cereals and so forth thinking she could try them or eat them in some yogurt and what not.

Uuummmm no....She hates them all.

So in order to not waste them cause people are starving all over the world...I have to endure them.

Really they aren't that bad after you eat them two or three times. I have grown to like most of them in fact, especially the Cracklin Oat Bran. It looks like dog food floating in milk, but it taste good and has a hint of cinnamon.

I had it for dinner last night. D asked for a bite.

D- That is gross. ew.

A- It's not that bad, after you eat it two or three times

D- Yeah, that's what God told the dung beetle.......

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mickey Mouse & Numa go bump in the night.......

mickey Pictures, Images and Photos

Last night I put CB to bed early cause he hadn't had a nap. About 10:30pm he wakes up and tells me he had a bad dream. Now he can't find "Sugar." Sugar is a light brown, super soft, stuffed dog that our neighbor Ms. Judy gave to him a couple Christmas's ago.

I hunt for the dog so CB will go back to bed and can't find him. So I hand him Mickey Mouse. He loves Mickey Mouse so he's all "Okay...." and I get him settled back into bed. I assure him I'll find Sugar the next morning.

About 12:30 I hear him crying out. I actually think it is D's nose whistling and ignore it.

I hear it again, so I get up & go check on CB.

CB is whimpering a little.

A- What's wrong baby, did you have another bad dream?

CB- No, I wake up and Mickey Mouse in my face and he scare the crap out of me.

A- (this is super funny to me and I laugh a little)

CB - It's not funny momma, I throw him in the floor, take him out my room... Mickey slept in my rocking chair last night.

On another note about scary dolls, Jenny made a friend while my sister was here visiting. My niece Emma has a My Twin doll.........

...........she is a total Numa

We made her sleep with her face down far away from the girls room.....& Jenny.....I thought about locking her in a closet for the night just in case. ;oD

Monday, January 4, 2010

Did ya'll get the new Wii Fat game this year?...............

The other day I was going on about love and Marriage and all that stuff.....but here are some side notes to the Christmas goings at "Montana Cafe"(another name for my house, a story for later telling).

So Momma- Bet brought her 93 year old boyfriend, who is an amazingly sweet man. He actually has 5 grown boys of his own that he could have spent Christmas with but chose to spend them with my family instead, to me that was an honor.

He is crazy about my grandmother and they are sweet together. He looks at her like he is madly in love with her.

He lives at an assisted living facility, but stays a good bit of time at my grandmothers house with her and my Aunt Russie.

We used to call them the Golden Girls when my Great Grandmother was still alive. My Aunt Russie is my moms older sister. She is a tad slower thinking than most of us. I am not being sarcastic for once, she is special needs. Amazingly though she has the most beautiful handwriting and is crazy mad about Elvis. You don't talk bad about Elvis or you might get yer butt whipped......for real.

I tell you this cause this funny thing happened, well, it was funny to us.

Russie is very concerned that a man might see anything remotely nude on her body. To the point when she had a male dog, she wouldn't let the male dog into the bathroom with her. So the dog would wait outside the door for her.

Russie stayed in Cole's room over Christmas. If you'll remember some blogs back we discussed how we had to put CB's lock on the outside of his door to keep him from roaming the house all night. We just never switched it back, he sleeps with his door open now.

Cole has locked me in his room at least twice on purpose.....and taken my lock pick with him.

So Russie is going to change into her pajamas, she's disturbed that she cannot lock the door from the inside. She tells CB, who is 4, to wait outside the door and lock it while she changes inside the room and she will knock on the door when she is done so he can open it. So she is locked in the room she cannot get out, but anyone and their brother can GET IN, including Cole , who is in fact a male. So my mom comes around the corner and sees Cole standing there and believes him to have locked Russie in the room on purpose.....cause that is his style.

He is in the process of informing Nana that Russie told him to do it and wait, then Russie gives the knock signal to unlock the door to Cole. He lets her out in the middle of this conversation. My mom is in mania somewhere between laughing and Crazy Crack Nana explaining to Russie the situation, to which she suddenly realizes her mistake....and says....."Oh, (thinking it through) Huh....."

Later in the evening Bet & Bill are getting themselves together for bed. Bill has taken out his teeth and put them on a small comes Sky. She asks Bet, "What are those?"

Bet-(snickering cause she can't wait to see Sky's face) Those are Papa Bills teeth...

Sky- (eyes open wide as oranges) Oh

She leaves pretty quick and I hear Bet retelling this to D still snickering.....

D- You better put them things away Cole will be done picked'em up and strapped'em to his remote control car and ran them thangs all over the house, we'll never find'em......

Even still a bit later, we are getting Papa Bill in the bed. They stayed in Sky's room and her bed is a bit high.

A- Papa Bill, are you going to fall out of this bed?

PB- Nope

A- Are ya sure? Cause if you fall out of this bed I'm not lettin you come to my house anymore.

PB- I'll be alright

D in the living room hollerin to me and the old folks - Just get Bet in the bed and we'll strap some bungees around the bed and make sure they don't fall out.

We all get a laugh out of that, mental pictures I guess.


We had some snacks for dinner Christmas Eve. I had put out a Garden Vegetable dip.
Sky relays to me she really likes the plant dip can she please have some more.

....and there was this deformed grape that was the life of the party too.

We got a Wii Fit game for Christmas, CB likes the Yoga stuff.....

D and I are overweight, uuuuuhh yeah, and therefore D has renamed the game Wii Fat, cause our characters are fat with their bellies hanging out of their shirts, it's just..........bad.


Notice the date on these photos....12/12...the date my dad passed last year. My mom did so well. Though she has her days, as we all do, she is a steadfast soldier to keep it going and the smile on her face in these photos encourages me and makes me feel truly grateful.

Oh yeah, then there was Ms. Irene's 7 Layer Stack Cake, amazing.

She's like 83 or something. Ms. Irene bakes these cakes and sells them at Christmas. She made this one for me and my family two weekends after her husband of 63 years had passed away. I had forgotten I was on her list for a cake this year and was super surprised when she called to tell me it was ready.

We spoke on the phone about 45 minutes or more before church one Sunday. Again later, we spoke for about 45 more minutes that afternoon on the phone....her faith in Christ is a testimony to me during this time of great sorrow, when she is relearning to navigate life without her spouse.

I adore Ms. Irene.