Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey! Somebody kicked over my ant hill!!.............

Dear Blog,

I am tired of settling, it's exhausting. The choice for one to settle is their own. That's why so many folks have dreams that never come to fruition.....because they settle. I have recently determined myself to not settle. I deserve better than that in the name of Christ. He didn't ask me to live half baked.

He told me to look at the ants and how diligently they work and stay focused.

“Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.” (Prov. 6:6, RSV)

You know how when you flip up a rock or a piece of wood, or just flat kick an ant hill, they all run about? Disruption in their work = chaos....within just a few minutes though they get right back at the task of life rebuilding. Kick an ant hill, in an hour it's looking pretty close to what it looked like before....... because of rebuilding.

“Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. . . . She prepares her food in summer, and gathers her sustenance in harvest” (Prov. 6:6, 8).

“The ants are a people not strong, yet they provide their food in the summer. . . .” (Prov. 30:25).

They do things in steps, not all at once.

While these verses speak about being lazy and procrastination, they also speak to me about rebuilding when my spiritual walk has been kicked about and scattered, disrupted. I guess I need to take a look at the ants and their diligence in getting back on track.

The ants get severely agitated at the invade of their abode and even bite sometimes when they have been messed with. The agitator quickly runs away.

.....I have so been there lately. Severely agitated at letting the temple of my soul become invaded by the distractions of the world and the thing I call church, that I have "bitten" people and even "bitten" myself. I have infected myself with my own poison trying to control things that God normally handles for me.

So I am going to start the rebuilding of my spiritual life. One piece of sand at a time, just like the ants.

More prayer time.

Better study quality.

Accessing God's grace for my iniquities and for others I need to forgive.

Not holding myself accountable for others actions, but holding steadfast to the knowledge that I don't need to chill out..... but I need to buckle down and hold fast.

Allowing myself to hear Gods guidance and not feeling guilty if it isn't the popular choice.

Having had my hill kicked over is not a normal feeling for me. Running about in desperation trying to put my spiritual house back together on my own isn't something I have done in a very long time. I can honestly say, trying to do it on my own has really sucked. I am done with that now. I won't allow myself to feel false guilt anymore. It's destroying my real ability to access the God who built my house to begin with.

While some may feel the need to run around doing whatever they please...... having their course set before them but choosing their own path as better.......accessing no guidance for fear they may have to really work...... loving the life of chaos instead the one that heaps direction and blessing...........

.......I don't feel that need to participate anymore....and I won't. It doesn't bring me joy and I don't feel the love of the Lord. I cannot live without feeling the love of the Lord, It's like my breath to stay alive.

I choose not to settle and suffocate....but to separate and be loved fully and completely for obedience to the God who has NEVER failed me.

When I have turned my back, to walk my way, He grabbed my arm sternly and said. "No! Your path is this narrow one here, get back on it."

As soon as I determined myself to do the hard thing and be face to face with my savior....I felt hope & purpose. My ability to suck in some grace became instantly easier.

I know the one who strokes my weaknesses is furious, discouraged by my choice, and will eventually turn and run away....

Hope and purpose are my first two pieces of sand......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

like bifocals for the eyes, except these are for the ears.........

I do not know why this is, but lately, and almost every time I brush my teeth...my idiot tooth brush brushes past my teeth and up into my gum area harshly. Freakin it hurts! I mean I am just brushing along and WHAM!

My tooth brush is slamming against my top teeth gum line violently.

It always takes me by surprise cause who expects that to happen while brushing? Especially if one has just done this two or three times before and is trying to make a conscious effort to not do it.

It's like my toothbrush has acquired a persona of it's own and has a vendetta against me for ramming him down my throat in a gag session or something.

See it: Evil Toothbrush Scratches Womans Gums Off In Vengeance!


CB- Mom, I want a chocolate pickle.

A- What?

CB- I want a chocolate pickle.

A- I don't know what a chocolate pickle is CB, can you show me?

...goes to fridge and shows me Popsicles.

He wants a Popsicle.


Last night D and I were having a conversation about someone, we'll call Rudy for today, who has a terrible problem walking off when others are speaking. Rudy will ask a question, then in complete rudeness turn and walk away while you are answering. It irritates the crap out of me.

It's as if Rudy doesn't really care what answer you give, Rudy is through with the conversation.....walk away. RUDE!

So D was relaying to me that Rudy had committed this foul action against someone other than he and I. D and I used to think this person just had a lot on their mind and didn't realize they were doing this rude action and wrote it off as, "needs help with people skills"...and just took it for what it was. We have since come to understand this action is all by itself simple rudeness. D and I try not to engage in long conversation with Rudy, cause Rudy's action....irritates the crap out us.

So Rudy committed this action against another. We'll call this person Newsome for today.

Newsome tells D that she believes Rudy may have a hearing problem.

D tells me he thinks to himself......"Uh no. Rudy doesn't have a hearing problem. He has a listening problem. He doesn't need a hearing aid, he needs a listening aid..."

I thought that was very clever. In my opinion Rudy does need a listening aid, turned up on the highest volume.

In fact, I would like to purchase one for D and my children too....and my mother... who needs a listening aid for one ear and a hearing aid for the other........like bifocals for the eyes, except these are for the ears.


D made this awesome salad for himself on Sunday. He proceeded to come into the bedroom to show off this magnificent prize while I was checking email on the computer.

I am like, what?! You know sandwiches and salads are my thing. I dang take pictures of that kind of stuff. I still have this awesome picture of my blueberry stuffed french toast from Mimi's Cafe almost a year ago, on my cell phone screen.

Instantly D sees my wanting and thinks to bolt while he can with his beautiful salad. He knows he has made a huge mistake. So he offers to give me half.

I feel guilty, a little.......not really....and tell him no way it's his salad to go ahead and eat it, I am not hungry anyway. This is a tad true but not fully. The minute I saw the salad my stomach became engaged in my thought process and though I felt no hunger pains physically, I felt them mentally and was hungry.

So back and forth we go about whether he should give me half of his salad. He does give me half. I skip happily into the kitchen and put this awesome Naturally Fresh honey mustard dressing on it. Just enough to give it zing but not to over power all the other flavors and so forth. My insides are so happy when I plop down beside D on the living room couch to eat his salad up.

I am in my own personal heaven floating on my salad cloud with singing harps, furry bunnies and rainbows.........(insert record scratching)

My dog is giving me tender puppy eyes....for my salad....like I would ever give her lettuce anyway.

I am all, "Forget it Jenny. I don't care how cute you are. Tender puppy eyes aren't gonna work for you this time. I will never give you this delicious salad."

D - Yeah, well now you know how I feel......but I caved.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jesus likes children that slobber on themselves in their sleep........

CB walks in the living room with only his Cars underwear on.

He has a Staples, red "easy" button. When one presses the button it says, "That was easy."

CB walks in the living room with only his Cars underwear on. He has the "easy" button on his left breast area.

CB - Hey Dad, press my talking boob.

Dad presses......."That was easy"

D - Yeah, I heard that on one of my first dates.


Last week I cooked dinner 3 nights in a row.

My kids gave me a standing ovation on the third night.

I felt good about that.


May discussing with Z regarding Z going to the beach, Z going to camp, Z going here, Z going there and so on and so forth.....

Z to May - May you could've went to the beach and to camp and you chose not to, so whatever dork.

M to Z in a geeky voice- Yeah well, I'm going to Camp Stay At Home, where we learn how to be Homies. (with her hands posed all gangsta)

I laughed.


Cole is helping me make garlic toast for Sky to eat with dinner cause we are all eating Texas Toast. He is using a basting brush to "paint" on melted dairy free butter and garlic powder.

CB - Hey Sky, guess what?! I made you a surprise! I made you dairy free toast with a paint brush!.....and guess what??!! There aren't any hairs on it!!


I am trying to get CB down for a nap after swimming at the lake for 3 hours after church.

He isn't having it. Tantrum and rebellion.

I pick him up like a sack of potatoes under my arm and carry him kicking and screaming to his room. He is hollering, "Jesus doesn't like it for you to put me in a nap."

A- No. Jesus doesn't like you disrespecting Momma.

CB- No Momma. Jesus just doesn't like Momma.

I put him on his bed with a firm solid purpose, covered him up, and laid down beside him for a second to settle him down. I swear in 4 minutes flat the joker was slobbering on himself.

Jesus likes children that slobber on themselves in their sleep.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

righty tighty lefty loosey..........

I was looking through some crap in my closet searching for something totally unrelated to my blog and found a three ring binder. The binder had some stuff I had jotted down so I wouldn't forget .........

The Rare Amylesaurus, BB (Before Blog)

2008, when Sky was 5 -

Thank goodness for Sky, because she finally told me what is wrong with this world.

S - "The problem with this world is that some people just smell bad and they need to take a bath."

I'm glad I got that figured out.


So Sky is eating dinner, she serves me this......

S- If while I was eating this noodle dinner my teeth suddenly came out and I got choked on them and died, would you take my teeth and put them under your pillow and keep the money or would you bury them with me?

A- Gosh Sky, what do you think I would do Babe?........ I would take the teeth and keep the money.

S- (voice cracking) MOMMY!

A- What?!


M - So, Mom, What if I dream that I am a worm with a mustache.....what does that mean?


June 18, 2008 - Cole is 2

Getting squirt with the water hose while weeding the front flower bed.....pretty sneaky...

...especially when your two year old does it without prodding from his older siblings...

I can barely remember how to turn the hose on, with the help of "righty tighty lefty loosey."

It's not like he squirt me a little bit either, he had the hose on full throttle, like putting out a fire.

I squealed in freezing cold, crazed out shock for second, cause I totally didn't see it coming. Cole squealed with sheer delight showing all his thumb suckin, buck teeth....jumping up and down at his ability to accomplish his task.........and well.

Once I regained some sense of clear thinking ability, I thought to myself.......

.....Self, that kid is pretty smart............and sneaky.


July 9, 2008 - Cole is 2....a month later or so

So now I know Cole can cut the water hose on. I am well aware he can carry out a sneak attack with courage and determination.

I am letting him water some baby trees in the backyard. Cole digs a file up in his mind recalling what great fun it was making mommy scream and decides to try it out again.

This time I am smart. He is smiling like a devil and my mommy instincts fill me in on his thought process, and I run away quickly. VICTORY!! Not only that but I run farther down the hose line and crimp him off!


This really aggravates him. He slings the hose down as if he is no longer going to play with me anymore and storms off towards the house.

Fine by me, I can get the watering done quicker if he leaves me alone anyway, dinner still needs to be fixed.

...15 minutes or so later back at the homestead, no lie, 200 feet or more away from me, cause I had some hoses stuck together for distance..........

I suddenly have no water.

I look at the hose following the line towards the house. There standing close to the house is Bucky Beaver(in a diaper and nothing else) with the hose crimped with that same I got ya smile I had given him earlier.

I hollered, "CB! Let Go!!"

He answers in a hilly up and down tone of voice smothered in devilish boyhood, "nnnnnnoooooooo"..........

....not only that, guess what else he can crimp? My central vacuum.

Is he the superior human in this duo?

Monday, June 14, 2010

my stomach said it wants me to suck my thumb................

Cole still sucks his thumb. He tells us he is going to stop on his next birthday.

Yesterday D was impressed with how well Cole could ride a Razor scooter. Cole has a Radio Flyer 3 wheeled scooter that is super cute. I guess he is over the cute scooter, he wants a big kid scooter.

So we played Let's Make A Deal.

A- Cole, if you quit sucking your thumb Dad and I will buy you a big kid scooter, any color you want.

C- Okay

.........sitting on the couch with D and I trying so hard not to suck his thumb.

........rolling all over the floor cause he is super tired trying not to suck his thumb....in his mouth, out! ........in his mouth for a quick suck while he thinks no one is looking, out...........

.......in the back yard whining cause he is tired - "push me on the swings, no I want something to eat, I need a drink, take me on a bike ride, watch TV with me," and so on and so on and so on......

D is fixin to finish up power washing our house and I am fixin to supervise. Cole heads towards the screened porch to go inside where no one can see him suck his thumb. Z is following him inside cause it is so stinkin HOT!

Z- Cole, quit suckin your thumb.

CB- (irritated as crap) I'm NOT SUCKING MY THUMB ZAC!.....(quick mind searching for ideas, much more calm tone) I'm just licking my fingernail.

Me, D, & Z start smiling at each other with our teeth showing and chuckling a bit, it ticks Cole off. Glaring straight at us now with utter contempt, CB shoves his thumb in his mouth and shuts the door on us.

For the rest of the night he wore us down with his irritable attitude at trying not to suck his thumb. We were trying to be understanding, cause we all know it is going to be terribly hard for him to break this habit. I mean it's part of who he is. For as long as I have known Cole to be Cole, he has sucked his thumb and rolled an ear....be it his or someone else's, either using his fingers or HIS TOES.

Cole quitting sucking his thumb is huge to me. It is symbolic of no more babies in the house officially.

D raggin him out as he was driving us crazy last night, finally asked, "Cole, dude, do you want a cigarette?"

Which I thought was funny. That is how Cole was behaving like he was having DT's or something.

Cole replied - No, cigarettes are gross.

Which I was happy about. Cole would have ate the world if I let him last night, all in the name of trying not to suck his thumb.

CB - Mooooooommmm, I just want to suck it. My brain is telling me to suck my thumb. My stomach said it wants me to suck my thumb.

May - You-are-driving-me-crazy...my stomach is telling me it is time for you to go to bed.

Finally at 8:30 with the sun shining bright I put him to bed, sucking his thumb. I had to hold him off a bit cause he gets up at the butt crack of dawn anyway.

Today is a new day. I have seen him walking around the house this morning actually licking his thumb nail trying to keep from sucking his thumb. Poor guy, I hope he'll not have to fight this too long.

Though, thinking a little deeper, this is only the first of many battles he'll have to fight huh?

(Cole "toe-ing" Uncle Charlie while he is trying to sleep)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

they don't care, adapt and overcome.............

While D was gone to the beach I stayed pretty busy.............duh.

I told May the first night D was gone I was going to stay up all night long surfing the internet and reading, doing what ever I dang well pleased. I told her when I got up on Thursday morning I was going to be a Zombie and when they ask me questions, no amount of coffee was going to get a coherent answer out of me. This was her warning, spread the word.

I am getting so freaking old though, my butt had to go to bed at 11:30 cause I was just too stinkin tired to stay awake any longer. I was reading with my eyes all rolled back in my head, rockin my head back and forth waking myself up before I slammed my face into my book with my reading glasses on.

I couldn't stay awake past midnight any of the nights he was gone. I completely wasted my "me time" sleeping.

Anyhoo, May and I managed to make 30 jars of jam.....23 jars of cherry and 7 jars of chocolate mint. The cherries were from King David's yard and the chocolate mint from mine.

That day....... I unintentionally worked May like a slave.

She was totally gung ho to do the jam but by the last batch she was exhasuted and so was I. We took a quick swim in the lake(and I say quick cause the cows from atop the bluff were blowing their stank over & down onto the lake and it was gross) and then came back and mowed the grass for 3 1/2 hours.

ON THE #4 SETTING BAAAABBY! You know the saying while the cats away the mice will play......ooooohhh yeah. May and I made the executive decision to really CUT the grass. To heck with this man mowing business about "leave it tall and choke out the weeds, mow the grass on the highest setting"........no way, I got busy with it, Momma didn't play. #4 setting!!!!! woot woot

....then, when I was about finished, I noticed there was a lot of grass sitting on top of the grass. So D would notice I cut on #4 instead of #6........ so then I had to lawn sweep the yard for about another hour or so, which meant May had to spread to the grass around like mulch in the designated flower beds. Ooooohhh but it looked awesome when I was done.

May and I so high five'd on our good work. Which our family is high five impaired so when we hit it on the first try, then we had to do it again..........should have left it at the one celebratory high five.

May relayed to me I had worked her like a slave and she was exhausted, that I OWED her a fun day the next day. We decided to go to Tellico Beach, a place D's parents had taken the kids before while we were out of town.

Mistake #1

I spent till midnight locating the beach on a satellite map cause I couldn't find the address to the place ANYWHERE. This should have been my first clue.

So Saturday we get up, eat, pack a cooler with drinks and food for lunch, get our sunscreen, chairs and beach towels and we are off to Tellico Beach.....with my satellite map.

I swear I am all over the dag gone entrance to the place but all the roads appear to be closed. So I go up and down thinking I have surely missed an entrance road for 20 minutes or so before I finally stop and ask this Tellico Villaginite, Bill Gates look alike, pumping his two seater Mercedes back tire up with what looks like a bicycle pump..... if I am close to the beach....

He tells me to go about 4 miles much further down the road than I have been going and according to my trusty picture map that is wrong....but I do it anyway cause I am getting frustrated. I smile real pretty, thank him, offer to let him call someone on my cell, he tells me "It's okay, he'll be done in just a few minutes, it's really okay despite how it looks." I smile again cause he knows I think he's pumping his tire with a bicycle pump apparently.....and maybe he was. Who cares really?

I get to the beach and its definitely not the beach we were shooting for. It's super small, SMALL! There is a birthday party going on with old people and fried chicken that smells great. I ask them about the other beach, the bigger beach, with the pavillion and they send me back down the street to where I started, gabbing on about some small boat ramp entrance.

The children don't want to stay at Fried Chicken Beach so I drag my dogged car back down to where I started and restart my flippin hunt for the entrance. CAN NOT FIND IT!!!!!!! All the entrances ARE CLOSED....DON'T GO THERE with your car packed IT ISN'T OPEN ANYMORE.

By now, CB just wants to get out of the car and he has started chanting Fried Chicken Beach, Fried Chicken Beach, Fried Chicken Beach......and by golly that's exactly where I go.

Mistake #2

We drag all our crap to the very small beach area and set up. Immediately the kids get into the water. The roped off area has been layered with sharp little tiny pebbles that kill your feet when you walk on them.

They don't care, adapt and overcome.

Suddenly the beach becomes crowded with like 50 kids, ages toddler to 8 years old. The toddlers are tired and screaming and should be napping instead of coming to the water......determined to have a good time we adapt and overcome.

Upon May digging up some sand to make a sand castle, she digs up some moisture in the sand below......the sweat bees descend on us like mad. I mean they are no where else. so we move a little bit and they continue to plague us. Cole is getting cranky now.

While we are eating some lunch and swatting sweat bees I declare that this is the most miserable beach ever.....

A- This is the most miserable beach ever! All in favor of leaving Fried Chicken Beach say "I."

M, CB, & S - "I"

A- Let's roll then people, I am over this, you can finish your lunch in the car.

M- I swear this makes the lake at our house look like a freaking water park. Can we go to the lake when we get home?

Mistake #3

A- Absolutely, yes, we can stay there all night if you want.

When we get home CB is zonked out, and it is beginning to rain.

We never get to the lake. I felt so bad for them. I felt like a failure at being the fun parent. I was so disappointed for them. I guess Tellico Beach is a beach reserved for their memories with their grandparents.........

.............while I get stuck with the memories of Fried Chicken Beach.......eeeesh

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm the king of the world, so say I........

Cole built me this super tall Lego structure. It has Lego Tarzan standing on the top.

CB- Look Momma, it's like he's the king of the world.

A- Sort of like mommy is the king of the house...

CB- No.....you can't be the king.

A- Why? (just to see what he'll say)

CB-.....cause you aren't a big tall daddy.

A- Well do short daddy's get to be the king of the house too?

CB- Yep. And the creepy ones too.


I suspected we had a mouse in the laundry room. For a couple days I would get up and find these tea leaf looking things here and there on the counter top. I thought I had a split open tea bag in one of my tea boxes. So I checked them and moved them to another area.

The next day, I realized it was a varmint.......cause it ate chocolate Pez that had been left on the washing machine. As a thank you for the wonderful dessert, it left behind some "tea leaves."

I told D to set our mouse trap. I suspected we had a mouse coming in from under the house where our washer and dryer hoses come in at the floor.

I was right.

Am I good or what?

Friday, June 4, 2010

I burst out laughing in my sleep.........

This past weekend my sister and her family came down for Memorial Day weekend. It was a good visit. Played some games, swam, road on the boat, ate good and went to church together.....the memories make my heart smile.

Here is a a super funny memory. Now I am not sure I can retell this like it happened....but this junk was so flippin funny I swear I did the laugh that was uncontrollable and loud. You know that laugh where even if you didn't want to laugh you just have to cause it just burst forth.

I swear, no lie, Cole crawled in the bed with me this morning and I was half asleep and half awake and I was remembering this for some reason and I burst out laughing in my sleep for petes sake and made Cole start laughing.

My sister has this dog, his name is Max...or Maxie as CB called him.

Max is a Shih-Tzu like Jenny but he's about 2 years younger than Jenny and is still pretty playful.

So we are on the pontoon and we're pulling Sky and Emma(my niece) on the tube behind us.

Max has never been on a boat and seems a bit wigged out but he's doing okay.

I am sitting in the front of the boat with Leigh and Big Charlie. Max just jumps down off Leigh's lap and starts sort of sporadically running down to the back of the boat sort of zig zaggedy crazy running and fast, his tail is all crazy tucked between his legs...then he runs back to the front of the boat all crazy like.....and I asked Leigh, "What's wrong with Max?"

...about that time he's running full out towards us in the front....and the dog takes a crazy running leap right through the door rail on the boat....the dog never touches the metal...he shoots right through the gap.

We are going about 20 mph.

All I see is the dog running full out like something has stung his butt and it's on fire, I see white hair fly past me and off the dang boat. I jump up and scream "MAX!!!!" I see white hairy dog spread out like doing a jumping jack flying across the top of the lake. Skylar and Emma see the dog and now they are screaming for Max.

At the same time that I scream, Leigh screams, Maysie screams, and Little Charlie screams......

"MAX!!!" or "STOP THE BOAT!!!" or "The DOG!!!!!!!"

.... everybody on the boat is now standing and D is turning around, he's laughing.

The dog is no where to be seen...then his head pops up and he's paddling like mad cause heck, he don't no what the heck just happened apparently and now he's in the middle of the lake with no land in site. I guess he figures he better paddle his furry butt hard.

I look and Leigh and she is busting out laughing and I am rolling my butt on the floor and cause that is the dang funniest thing I have ever seen.

.....wait a minute I have to laugh before I finish this....

Z scooped Max up out of the water and he was okay.

Later that night Max was so out of his element here at out house he dang went nuts on the porch.

Leigh said real casually, "Uh oh Max is fixin to get crazy again."

He started scattin his butt crazy all zig zaggedy again, with his tail all tucked between his legs and ran into the screen on the screened in porch.

We all fell out again, poor dog. He's a good dog just the boat ride had him all worked up. He didn't ride the boat the next day, he had a little day of rest.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am like..........great.

One time I said to myself...."Self, there are 24 hours in a day, you shouldn't waste them."

I made it a point that whole summer to fill my time with things that were productive. I tried not to do anything that would not accomplish some significant accomplishment in my home. That summer went by so quickly I can barely remember it. What I remember about that summer was that I tried to fill my time and did so....well, too well.

Now here I am with stuff running my life and filling my time for me. As if time owns me instead of me owning my time. Productive stuff has to be done.....ALL THE DANG TIME. I just want to waste some time and don't have any to waste.

So D has taken Z and scooted off to the beach for a bit to spend some time with his mom and dad. So I have no plans to cook anything significant while he is gone. I am just going on a wing and prayer that the rest of my kids get proper nourishment while they are away.

Okay so here's something you missed......


One of my neighbors saw them hiding under a bush when they drove by and gave me a call. I called this gal who does some work for animal shelters or something and asked her what she thought I should do. She tells me that her husband is fixing dinner and that if I can catch them she'll come and pick them up after dinner.

The puppies are very skittish and I am doubtful I can catch them but I tell her I'll try and call her back.

I take Z and May with me for help and we do in fact manage to catch them, by way of dog food kibble for bait...they are starving. You can't see in these photos but the smallest one is so weak he can barely walk.

I put the puppies on my porch cause they are FULL of fleas and have a minimum of 5 ticks or more in each ear of each puppy, not to mention the ticks elsewhere on their bodies, some as big as snails. It really is pitiful.

I call the gal and tell her we have the puppies. She then informs me her husband will kill her if she brings one more dog home and she can't come and get them.

I am like..........great.

Now I have to figure out how to explain flea and tick puppies to D who is not keen on pets anyway. He like's Jenny and that's about it.

He gets a bit stupid on me in front of some neighbors, which I didn't appreciate. But I put it behind me cause really the little puppies are pitiful and they didn't ask to be born and dropped off in some neighborhood.

So now I have 3 sets of neighbors in my driveway plus our family. Sarah's husband pulls all of the ticks off of all the puppies, he's immediately my hero. We determine ourselves to bathe them. I bathe one, May & Z bathe one, D bathes one....then we rinse and Matthew (Sarah's hubby) re-bathes one, I re-bathe one, and May and & Z re-bathe one aaaannnd repeat one more time. They look so cute, so fresh and clean.

So now it's dark and everyone leaves. Puppies are fresh and clean going to a shelter as soon as I can find one that's open. I put them in the largest rubber maid container I own and leave them in the garage for the night.

I have to be up at the butt crack of dawn the next morning which is a Sunday. Z has an unexpected soccer tournament game at 8:00am and it'll take us a bit to get to this particular field.

I couldn't sleep at all that night knowing they were in the garage. I finally got up at 3:15 am to let them all go to the bathroom. I took them one at a time cause they liked to hide under stuff and catching all three might prove a challenge. So I take the one that can't walk good first, the other two start whining. The one female manages to jump out of the container and crap all over the garage numerous times while I am laying on my belly trying to get the little one out from under a bush...........at 3:30 am. I have to repeat this same scene three times and actually have to slither under my car at three different angles to catch one cause he moves to the other side when I almost get to him. I was all....really?!

By 4:15 am they are all back in the container and resettled. I have to get in the shower at 5:30 so I can leave by 6:30 so I can be at the field by 7:30.

So I don't go back to bed.

When I get home by 10:00 am I fix a meal for one of my favorite gals who has been in a terrible car accident and plan to get it to the church by the time church lets out. From there....... take the puppies to the Taj Mahal of puppy shelters in Knoxville.

In that cooking time Matthew & Sarah have grown attached to the one female and decide to keep her. Her name is Maeve (sounds like Mave). She is super cute and she's a really lucky dog to have great owners.

So May and I take Frick & Frack on to the shelter after I drop off the food.

I totally shed some tears when I had to hand the puppies over. The one that couldn't walk good ....I wanted to keep him.

I am never picking up stray dogs again.

Irresponsible pet owners make me SICK!

It's not that hard not to have a pet if you can't take care of one.

....more to come, I promise.

BLOG OR BUST!!!!!!!!!............

I fully intend to update this blog tonight, even if it takes me till 4:00 in the morning to get my kids out of my business for just 3 stinkin minutes. Somebody is just going to have to take a backseat people.

I need some me time!