Monday, June 14, 2010

my stomach said it wants me to suck my thumb................

Cole still sucks his thumb. He tells us he is going to stop on his next birthday.

Yesterday D was impressed with how well Cole could ride a Razor scooter. Cole has a Radio Flyer 3 wheeled scooter that is super cute. I guess he is over the cute scooter, he wants a big kid scooter.

So we played Let's Make A Deal.

A- Cole, if you quit sucking your thumb Dad and I will buy you a big kid scooter, any color you want.

C- Okay

.........sitting on the couch with D and I trying so hard not to suck his thumb.

........rolling all over the floor cause he is super tired trying not to suck his his mouth, out! his mouth for a quick suck while he thinks no one is looking, out........... the back yard whining cause he is tired - "push me on the swings, no I want something to eat, I need a drink, take me on a bike ride, watch TV with me," and so on and so on and so on......

D is fixin to finish up power washing our house and I am fixin to supervise. Cole heads towards the screened porch to go inside where no one can see him suck his thumb. Z is following him inside cause it is so stinkin HOT!

Z- Cole, quit suckin your thumb.

CB- (irritated as crap) I'm NOT SUCKING MY THUMB ZAC!.....(quick mind searching for ideas, much more calm tone) I'm just licking my fingernail.

Me, D, & Z start smiling at each other with our teeth showing and chuckling a bit, it ticks Cole off. Glaring straight at us now with utter contempt, CB shoves his thumb in his mouth and shuts the door on us.

For the rest of the night he wore us down with his irritable attitude at trying not to suck his thumb. We were trying to be understanding, cause we all know it is going to be terribly hard for him to break this habit. I mean it's part of who he is. For as long as I have known Cole to be Cole, he has sucked his thumb and rolled an it his or someone else's, either using his fingers or HIS TOES.

Cole quitting sucking his thumb is huge to me. It is symbolic of no more babies in the house officially.

D raggin him out as he was driving us crazy last night, finally asked, "Cole, dude, do you want a cigarette?"

Which I thought was funny. That is how Cole was behaving like he was having DT's or something.

Cole replied - No, cigarettes are gross.

Which I was happy about. Cole would have ate the world if I let him last night, all in the name of trying not to suck his thumb.

CB - Mooooooommmm, I just want to suck it. My brain is telling me to suck my thumb. My stomach said it wants me to suck my thumb.

May - stomach is telling me it is time for you to go to bed.

Finally at 8:30 with the sun shining bright I put him to bed, sucking his thumb. I had to hold him off a bit cause he gets up at the butt crack of dawn anyway.

Today is a new day. I have seen him walking around the house this morning actually licking his thumb nail trying to keep from sucking his thumb. Poor guy, I hope he'll not have to fight this too long.

Though, thinking a little deeper, this is only the first of many battles he'll have to fight huh?

(Cole "toe-ing" Uncle Charlie while he is trying to sleep)

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