Friday, June 4, 2010

I burst out laughing in my sleep.........

This past weekend my sister and her family came down for Memorial Day weekend. It was a good visit. Played some games, swam, road on the boat, ate good and went to church together.....the memories make my heart smile.

Here is a a super funny memory. Now I am not sure I can retell this like it happened....but this junk was so flippin funny I swear I did the laugh that was uncontrollable and loud. You know that laugh where even if you didn't want to laugh you just have to cause it just burst forth.

I swear, no lie, Cole crawled in the bed with me this morning and I was half asleep and half awake and I was remembering this for some reason and I burst out laughing in my sleep for petes sake and made Cole start laughing.

My sister has this dog, his name is Max...or Maxie as CB called him.

Max is a Shih-Tzu like Jenny but he's about 2 years younger than Jenny and is still pretty playful.

So we are on the pontoon and we're pulling Sky and Emma(my niece) on the tube behind us.

Max has never been on a boat and seems a bit wigged out but he's doing okay.

I am sitting in the front of the boat with Leigh and Big Charlie. Max just jumps down off Leigh's lap and starts sort of sporadically running down to the back of the boat sort of zig zaggedy crazy running and fast, his tail is all crazy tucked between his legs...then he runs back to the front of the boat all crazy like.....and I asked Leigh, "What's wrong with Max?"

...about that time he's running full out towards us in the front....and the dog takes a crazy running leap right through the door rail on the boat....the dog never touches the metal...he shoots right through the gap.

We are going about 20 mph.

All I see is the dog running full out like something has stung his butt and it's on fire, I see white hair fly past me and off the dang boat. I jump up and scream "MAX!!!!" I see white hairy dog spread out like doing a jumping jack flying across the top of the lake. Skylar and Emma see the dog and now they are screaming for Max.

At the same time that I scream, Leigh screams, Maysie screams, and Little Charlie screams......

"MAX!!!" or "STOP THE BOAT!!!" or "The DOG!!!!!!!"

.... everybody on the boat is now standing and D is turning around, he's laughing.

The dog is no where to be seen...then his head pops up and he's paddling like mad cause heck, he don't no what the heck just happened apparently and now he's in the middle of the lake with no land in site. I guess he figures he better paddle his furry butt hard.

I look and Leigh and she is busting out laughing and I am rolling my butt on the floor and cause that is the dang funniest thing I have ever seen.

.....wait a minute I have to laugh before I finish this....

Z scooped Max up out of the water and he was okay.

Later that night Max was so out of his element here at out house he dang went nuts on the porch.

Leigh said real casually, "Uh oh Max is fixin to get crazy again."

He started scattin his butt crazy all zig zaggedy again, with his tail all tucked between his legs and ran into the screen on the screened in porch.

We all fell out again, poor dog. He's a good dog just the boat ride had him all worked up. He didn't ride the boat the next day, he had a little day of rest.

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