Monday, July 20, 2009

take yer own hooters if you need them to make yer dinner complete........

Can someone please tell me why men feel like they must make a pilgrimage to Hooters when they find out a brother has never made the pilgrimage before.

When Skylar was born my men who were in town were determined to take Zachary to Hooters...and they did...they had his picture taken with Hooter girls! I'm like what little boy age 5 needs to go to Hooters to celebrate the birth of his baby sister?

...."Oh Amy, they have good food...."

uuuuuhhh no they don't

......"they have good wings"

uuuuuuuhhhh no they don't

I know this cause when I was in college Hooters was across the street from where I worked. I went there one day for lunch to see if they really had good food. I am just gonna say the wings reminded me of a dead chicken wing with some yucky orange sauce slathered all over it.

grody, Grody, GRODY!!

......."oh, well, their hanburgers are good"

uuuuhhhhhh no they aren' what men really mean is ....their hooters look good.

What makes those girls hooters look any different from the hooters that serve them dinner at their house every night is beyond me....hooters are hooters are hooters...

....."no they aren't Amy...not all hooters are created equal...."

uuuuuuhhh yeah they TN, the picture of the Hooters girls I saw.....average hooters....... and by the way, fake hooters don't count!

My hooters are bigger everyday, my shoulders have the strap marks to prove it, it's like hauling around two 1/2 gallon jugs all day.

The last time D went to Hooters was for a GIRL'S B-day party that he worked with. I was thinking what girl has her birthday party AT HOOTERS...she has her own hooters, why does she need to go there?

I am just gonna say, Wild Wings is just at Turkey Creek. If you really want good wings you should make a pilgrimage there. Take a date if you need hooters present for yer dinner to be complete.....and really, some men are fat as taters these days.....they probably don't need to take a date, they have their own hooters.....probably a little to graphic but true nonetheless.

So anyway....My whole point is King David went to Hooters and Caesar thought it was blog worthy, cause apparently his pilgrimage was fascinating and enlightening.

King David never once said to me the food was good. I know the man knows good food, we have discussed this numerous times.

King David just had quadruple bypass surgery & a new heart valve put in a few months back. I guess he must be feelin pretty good to contaminate his palate with some of their replusive food just to get this giddy with delight smile, in an 8 x 10 framed photo.

D told me when I went to hug King David hello, not to rub my hooters on him,....which I have to say, I thought was hilarious.....vulgar talking as it was.


Anonymous said...

I will just say taking a date for the hooters and eat at Wild Wings is a good idea, if the date is going to present the hooters properly!!! It’s all about the presentation! D ;-)

The Rare Amylesaurus said...

I just saw this! LOLOL