Wednesday, July 1, 2009

this is an amazing slice of satisfaction.........

So, it is the 4th of July weekend.

Actually it's pretty exciting. Our neighbors have this big pig roasting thing going on. They did it last year and it was a blast. This year we are going in on the pig with them, so now it is a three neighbor event....which basically means more people attending and more FOOD.

D picked up the whole frozen dang pig yesterday after work and took it to King David's house for the freezer where they will babysit it and make sure it is the correct temperature till the 4th of July. Our other neighbor, we'll call "Caesar Dennis"(just to make him feel good) is handling the fireworks. He shoots them off the lake which is way cool and doesn't skimp on the finale, AWESOME!

What makes this whole event so cool is King David has all his children and grandchildren here so my kids have play mates for days. In fact, the boys are camping out in our yard tonight.....some of the girls are jealous.

My house will have 12 people in for the event, King David has up to 17 or more staying in his house(and our yard & in a big rock band tour bus thingy), the Groves have at least 12 peeps in their house, plus at least 5 other neighbors & family will be eating and attending on the 4th. It is just a wonderful time to have wonderful neighbors, enjoying each others company, food, swapping stories, swimming, boating, making memories, making new friends and watching awesome fireworks, celebrating our Independence!

I believe in my heart this event is the epitome of what the the 4th of July should be.

I remember last year, when they were getting the pig ready for the next days roasting on the pit, all the kids, the men, some of the women all gathered together down in King David's garage to watch the thing be tied up and prepared the night before. When all was dark around us, King David's garage was busy with life and excitement.

I feel blessed to live in our neighborhood, blessed to be so close to our neighbors, so that their families feel like our extended family. That my mom and aunt know our neighbors and have shared meals with them and they love my mom and care for her as much as we do. Derrick's dad has even got to have "man cave" time on Saturday morning with the men for their Saturday morning rituals.

Forever, as long as I live, I will never forget this time in my life. I will remember in my old age, God willing, this amazing slice of satisfaction.

Happy almost 4th of July!!!

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Anonymous said...

Supreme Commander Gary & his trusty sidekick, Sandra witnessed the Caesars (and other Bluffian)explosives from afar...and they were awe-inspiring.

Our carefully chosen location was on the boat, across the lake...and most importantly, out of range. We were positioned close to the bluff where the vibrations were felt with each explosive sound, ricocheting off Marble Bluff.

As we initially floated through the quiet darkness, only illuminated by the full moon, our anticipation was ignited as we witnessed the transformation of MB subdivision. I looked over our community as the celebrations seemed to began in full force, as if it had been professionally sychronized! Fireworks were going off all over the place...from one end of Marble Bluff to the other. They were spectacular!

Thank you for the patriotic show Caeser Dennis (which is, by the way, a cool name), and fellow Bluffians...and you all know who you are....

We hope that this will become a traditional annual event which we can look forward to! Kudos to the communities awesome pyromaniacs... Caesar Dennis, and Fabulous Fred:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA...and God bless the men and women who serve to keep her free.