Thursday, July 16, 2009

When I get home from work I will pee on it..........

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I hate bees.

One of the many things I am going to ask God when I get to heaven is what was the purpose of making dang bees.......

I mean couldn't He have made some birds to do pollinating or only made the honey bees.

I was mowing the grass yesterday and bumped the tire swing with the mower. There has been this wasp hanging around the tire swing, I knew it but totally forgot. I had told the kids not to be on the tire swing till I checked it out.

I had been meaning to kill the wasp.

Cause that is what I am good at....killing animals, and I never even have to use a gun.

When we lived in Santa Fe, NM we used propane gas. So you had to call this gal who was super nice until you crossed her. You would call her, tell her you need gas, she would get all your tank info and estimate how much gas it would take to fill up and you left a check under the lid.

No check= no gas.

It was a total sham. I ask her one day, suppose I use less than you estimate and I have the check already written, will you refund my money?

......too many questions and I crossed her. With her New Mexican accent she proceeds to tell me off , then doesn't send out a gas truck to fill us up. D calls her back, cause I am furious, she tells him off & hangs up on him. So D says something like if you don't listen to what I am going to say and you hang up on me again ....I am going to come down there and bust that door in and by God you will listen to me. She proceeds to tell D he is threatening her and she is going to call the police. We just wants some dang we can cook, bathe, and heat........

.....all this leads to the truck finally coming out and all parties agree that we'll not speak to one another any more. This thrills me cause I feel like I want to jack her up anyway.

So the truck finally comes nearly a week after I had ask the Santa Fe Propane Princess about my money and she chewed my butt out. At my front door I see this big Doberman Pincher staring in my front door, vertical, side window. I go to open the door to shoo him off .....he growls and shows me his teeth. M & Z are small children. I am thinking what the heck, this dog is showing me his teeth at MY front freakin door. I am going to kill it.

So I go and get D's pellet gun and I start to put the pellets in and pump, pump, adrenaline is pumping too, cause I am going to really shoot something and for a good reason. I shall not miss -you can put that in yer pipe and smoke it , the dog will surely be wounded.

I hear an engine though.... and I stop the maniac running through my mind shooting at a rabid dog.

It's the propane truck. I go through the garage and ask the guy if its his dog he says yes and proceeds to call him over. I tell him I almost shot him because he is showing me his teeth at my front door and I have two small children. The propane guy really doesn't care and lets his dumb crappin dog run wild in my garage were my kids are at.

The dog craps in my garage, I am thinkin ...Oh he'll apologize and clean this up......we're talkin a bit now and I realize this guy is the owner of the propane business we buy the gas from. So I fill his ears to capacity about the chick who answers the phone...and about what if we over pay do we get any of our money back if we don't use the amount of gas she estimates........

He is a total moron.......he apologizes for being late with the gas and then tells me " know?.... Santa Fe isn't really known for their customer service."

A- What?!
propane man - yeah, sorry....
A- You know if I owned this house I would have my husband roll this tank to the curb and you would loose this business. I guarantee you I will not refer people to use your business either.
propane man - (goes on about his business & small talk as if he hasn't heard me and leaves his dog crap in my garage.)

I almost picked that dog crap up with my bare hands and threw it at him. I had my temper on severe restraint. I thought I might actually grow some dang horns.

So all this to say I have come close to killing an animal with a gun, but I never have really went through with it. I bumped the tire swing yesterday mowing. The wasp comes flying out and KA POW!!!!! Right in my right forearm, nails me with a fat sting. I hadn't been stung by a wasp before so it took me by surprise. Lenny Kravitz was singing in my ear buds "I want to to get away, I want to get away, I want to flyyyyyy away...yeah, yeah, yeah."

Went inside called Sarah, she had nothin for me, kids were on the computer so I couldn't google it.....just about then D calls from work. I explain to him my dilema, he tells he will pee on it when he gets home. I opt out of that and just go for the ice cube.

So today, my whole right arm is killing me. Like I have carpel tunnel or something. It is pretty dang itchy too. I never did kill the stupid wasp.

I do that tomorrow, if I don't forget again.

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