Thursday, November 12, 2009

I just need a straw and a boat ..................

Twas the day before Wednesday

And all through the house,
Not a creature was dressed
With even a blouse

All the children were snug in winter pajamas galore
Hiding from mom so as not to do chores

The rain had made them lazy as sloths
My coffee had lost all but a spit of its froth

I threw on some clothing
In a hurry I did!
To Kroger, To Kroger I announced
To each kid

They shouted to me,
"No, no, we shall not go,
Leave at once or we'll step on your toe"
I left them, I did, determined to shop
At Kroger, in peace,
Oh what a grand thought

Past the Starbucks I ushered myself
To stick to the list and not buy the
Whole fresh flower shelf

I grabbed at organics,
And delved through the meats
I picked up family size
Of all sorts of treats

As I came to the dairy
My heart did but drop
I saw my true love right there in its spot

He called to me in his black and gold dress
"Pick me, take me, savour me I stress

I have been waiting for you
For 9 whole days
Hoping and waiting for you
To catch my gaze"

I ran to him, snatched him, I will not pretend
So crazy I was I grabbed two of his friends

You are mine! You are mine! So patiently I waited
I knew I would see you on the date Kroger fated

Oh Southern Comfort brand Egg Nog,
I love you I do!
I am yours, you are mine...
And two of your friends are too!!

The four of us we'll be happy together
We’ll sip and we'll gulp
Through all the cold weather

I'll try hard to maintain control
I will hide you from Zac
Who tries to drink you from a bowl

I'll not share with Sky
Who will surely fake cry
But I shall not give in
Even if she plucks the three hairs
On my chinny, chin, chin

Oh Egg Nog I am so glad you came back
This holiday season I thought I might crack

The smooth taste on my tongue,
The sweet slide down my throat,
Just need a straw and a boat
So that I might float
On the Great Nog Moat

You have brought in my holiday
You have brought me great gladness
I will not allow my scale
To weigh in with its sadness

Egg Nog season is officially OPEN!!

Fun Facts to Know and Tell: Southern Comfort Egg Nog is non-alcoholic, BUY IT!! DELICIOUS!!


Anonymous said...

(sing to the tune of jingle bells)
Egggg noggg, egggg noggg
egg nog all the way
I will drink, I will not spill
I will not miss this thrillilllll

Linear Heritage of Women said...

Great poem, Amy!!