Tuesday, November 17, 2009

its Free Day at the zoo, not Get Freaky Day at the zoo

Went to free day at the zoo, one week ago today.

We walked our fool butts off. Last year we went and it was sort of showering on and off, but not to bad and we parked fairly close. I knew it would be bad this year when we were driving down the highway and 10 miles before the zoo exit traffic was backed up.

D used the GPS my mom & dad bought him for Christmas last year. He was able to get us around it by going through some neighborhoods which was slammin and we went right in. But we still had to park in Kentucky and walk......

We did managed to catch a trolley on the way there. Walking back after we had walked for about 7 hours was not super fun.

The whole day was nice though (well mostly...to tell about in a minute) cause we had absolutely nothing else to do on such a beautiful day...plus it was DANG FREE!! We were able to see the elephants closer than we ever had before.

Here is my list of "uuughs" about the day...

1. Despite not being deterred by all the traffic and crowd, CB had his butt on his shoulders as if he needed a nap as soon as we got out of the car. He started to jump up and down and throw a fit about riding in the stroller. We had packed a cooler with lunches, drinks, & snacks for the 7 of us that went, cause I wasn't thinkin about takin out a loan to feed us all. The intent was to push the heavy, callapsable cooler and then let CB ride after lunch when he'd be good and tired. No.... Whiny Butt Mcgoo (maybe we'll call him WB instead of CB) decided he wanted to ride and without asking nicely, throws himself on the muddy ground and acts like a moron. I had to pop his butt right off the bat to check his attitude about asking me politely for things.

2. We get in and the butterfly exhibit is closed CB wants to go in despite the doors are locked and me trying to tell him there are no butterflies in the exhibit. The exhibit can be clearly seen from the outside and he can see there are no people in the exhibit and he acts like a moron, the sequel, he is spouting off at me & disrespecting me blatantly.

So I calmly tell D to take the others on and I will catch up cause I plan to take him to the bathroom and spank his butt. He knows this and starts kicking his feet and screaming making a huge scene, pinching my hip. So I basically stop and pop his hand well and tell him to settle his butt down immediately or he and I WILL LEAVE the zoo with a quickness. He knows I am telling the truth cause I am really good with the follow thru, and since its free day I won't loose a dime if we leave. He and I have a good come to Jesus talk and he straightens his butt up for the rest of the day.....mostly

So later, near the elephants I see another mom pop her kid on the hand, basically for smart mouthing her and jerking away while she was speaking....the kid in my opinion needed his hand popped. But I thought it looked bad. I thought I must have looked bad to another parent, even though CB was obviously needing a butt whoopin. I felt suckish about how that went down.

Parenting is the hardest job EVER!!

3. We were coming close to the end of our day and SB, M & I are heading over to Kids Cove.
D had taken all the other kids over there while we looked at some Spanish Alligator or something. It was totally a regular alligator small version. So we 3 amigos are on our way.... out of the corner of my eye I see two men kissy kissy with each other holding hands waiting to get in the men's bathroom line. The one guy is younger, heavy set, bleach blonde spiked hair and he has them big'ol hole things in his ears. You know.... the kind you can see through their ears cause the holes are so big. His friend is significantly older with graying hair, much slimmer & shorter than the young guy. I am appalled.....cause kids and families are every where.

So here is my take....you wanna be gay, be gay, fine, whatever. I swear, all day long I was at the zoo and did not see one heterosexual couple playing kissy kissy with each other. There were young couples, older couples, family aged couples....and so forth. In general it seemed, peeps were there to view animals on a beautiful day. I was discouraged by these two guys going on like they were in the privacy of their home. As a hetero couple D and I do not get freaky in public. I may kiss him goodbye occasionally, that's a quick peck and I'm off. These two guys weren't the quick peck if you get my drift.

So glad I didn't have Sky with me.......So glad M & SB didn't see it. Answering questions about sexual orientation or behavior is not what I came to the zoo to do.

Its Free Day at the zoo, not Get Freaky Day at the zoo.......

I love this picture......

Some folks got to feed the giraffe, super cool, I thought....

I wore my Sharpie shoes to the zoo, cause I had just finished them......they were a hit. Folks liked them and debated with each other behind my back whether I had bought them that way or did them myself till they finally would just ask. That was fun.

The heart shoe expresses that I am "covered by a love divine, child of the risen Lord, my heart is Spoken For"......(Mercy Me, Christian band)

The other shoe is..... just me. I like birds, trying to constantly attain peace, so I added Chinese characters, best I could, for the words that are important to me. The characters for faith were too difficult so I opted out of that one.

Sooooo, my(white) Nike's are now really My Nike's.........


Anonymous said...

I'm TOTALLY lovn' the shoes...and the photos as well!!! You are really talented Ms. Amy!


Linear Heritage of Women said...


I wouldn't worry too much about how your parenting looks in public. I mean, parenting is hard enough without worrying about what some whiny liberal might say to you if they see you getting tough with your child. Big Deal! Besides, it's none of their business anyway. I wouldn't glance twice if I saw a mom spanking her child's butt at the zoo. I wouldn't dare say anything unless the child is just getting beaten senselessly as in being abusive.

I say that whoever wants to give you a dirty look or say something to you because you pop your child on the hand or the butt should mind their own business and if they don't like it, then that's tough noogies!

I'm sorry about seeing the gay couple at the zoo. I don't like to see that stuff either. But, at least you didn't see what I saw at the zoo this year - a couple of humping rhinos! The kids that were beside us at the exhibit were asking their mother what those two rhinos were doing. The mother said, "They're just playing gymnastics." The other little girl then astutely asked, "Then, what is that stick for?" At this point I left because I was too embarrassed to hear what kind of an answer the mother was going to come up with that time!

By the way, kudos to you for making your own shoe design. Most shoes today are not very pretty or original anyway. I think your artwork and use of color is exquisite and should be on the cover of Vogue Magazine!

The Rare Amylesaurus said...

Humping Rhinos?!.......so glad I didn't view that either.......that really gives new meaning to get freaky at the zoo huh? ;oD