Monday, January 4, 2010

Did ya'll get the new Wii Fat game this year?...............

The other day I was going on about love and Marriage and all that stuff.....but here are some side notes to the Christmas goings at "Montana Cafe"(another name for my house, a story for later telling).

So Momma- Bet brought her 93 year old boyfriend, who is an amazingly sweet man. He actually has 5 grown boys of his own that he could have spent Christmas with but chose to spend them with my family instead, to me that was an honor.

He is crazy about my grandmother and they are sweet together. He looks at her like he is madly in love with her.

He lives at an assisted living facility, but stays a good bit of time at my grandmothers house with her and my Aunt Russie.

We used to call them the Golden Girls when my Great Grandmother was still alive. My Aunt Russie is my moms older sister. She is a tad slower thinking than most of us. I am not being sarcastic for once, she is special needs. Amazingly though she has the most beautiful handwriting and is crazy mad about Elvis. You don't talk bad about Elvis or you might get yer butt whipped......for real.

I tell you this cause this funny thing happened, well, it was funny to us.

Russie is very concerned that a man might see anything remotely nude on her body. To the point when she had a male dog, she wouldn't let the male dog into the bathroom with her. So the dog would wait outside the door for her.

Russie stayed in Cole's room over Christmas. If you'll remember some blogs back we discussed how we had to put CB's lock on the outside of his door to keep him from roaming the house all night. We just never switched it back, he sleeps with his door open now.

Cole has locked me in his room at least twice on purpose.....and taken my lock pick with him.

So Russie is going to change into her pajamas, she's disturbed that she cannot lock the door from the inside. She tells CB, who is 4, to wait outside the door and lock it while she changes inside the room and she will knock on the door when she is done so he can open it. So she is locked in the room she cannot get out, but anyone and their brother can GET IN, including Cole , who is in fact a male. So my mom comes around the corner and sees Cole standing there and believes him to have locked Russie in the room on purpose.....cause that is his style.

He is in the process of informing Nana that Russie told him to do it and wait, then Russie gives the knock signal to unlock the door to Cole. He lets her out in the middle of this conversation. My mom is in mania somewhere between laughing and Crazy Crack Nana explaining to Russie the situation, to which she suddenly realizes her mistake....and says....."Oh, (thinking it through) Huh....."

Later in the evening Bet & Bill are getting themselves together for bed. Bill has taken out his teeth and put them on a small comes Sky. She asks Bet, "What are those?"

Bet-(snickering cause she can't wait to see Sky's face) Those are Papa Bills teeth...

Sky- (eyes open wide as oranges) Oh

She leaves pretty quick and I hear Bet retelling this to D still snickering.....

D- You better put them things away Cole will be done picked'em up and strapped'em to his remote control car and ran them thangs all over the house, we'll never find'em......

Even still a bit later, we are getting Papa Bill in the bed. They stayed in Sky's room and her bed is a bit high.

A- Papa Bill, are you going to fall out of this bed?

PB- Nope

A- Are ya sure? Cause if you fall out of this bed I'm not lettin you come to my house anymore.

PB- I'll be alright

D in the living room hollerin to me and the old folks - Just get Bet in the bed and we'll strap some bungees around the bed and make sure they don't fall out.

We all get a laugh out of that, mental pictures I guess.


We had some snacks for dinner Christmas Eve. I had put out a Garden Vegetable dip.
Sky relays to me she really likes the plant dip can she please have some more.

....and there was this deformed grape that was the life of the party too.

We got a Wii Fit game for Christmas, CB likes the Yoga stuff.....

D and I are overweight, uuuuuhh yeah, and therefore D has renamed the game Wii Fat, cause our characters are fat with their bellies hanging out of their shirts, it's just..........bad.


Notice the date on these photos....12/12...the date my dad passed last year. My mom did so well. Though she has her days, as we all do, she is a steadfast soldier to keep it going and the smile on her face in these photos encourages me and makes me feel truly grateful.

Oh yeah, then there was Ms. Irene's 7 Layer Stack Cake, amazing.

She's like 83 or something. Ms. Irene bakes these cakes and sells them at Christmas. She made this one for me and my family two weekends after her husband of 63 years had passed away. I had forgotten I was on her list for a cake this year and was super surprised when she called to tell me it was ready.

We spoke on the phone about 45 minutes or more before church one Sunday. Again later, we spoke for about 45 more minutes that afternoon on the phone....her faith in Christ is a testimony to me during this time of great sorrow, when she is relearning to navigate life without her spouse.

I adore Ms. Irene.

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