Friday, January 15, 2010

I think my eyes changed colors...........

I got May the Twilight book series for Christmas.

I polled what seemed like 500 people to see if they were age appropriate. I read every little snippit I could find about the movie and book reviews. Seeing as I was totally opposed to the Harry Potter series, I was finding it extremely hard to see how I could allow her to read these.

But I swear the feedback I was getting and the reviews I read all seemed completely cool.

The books claim to be teen fiction.

May had read Frank Peretti's(teen fiction) Nightmare academy, Hangman's Curse, and finally graduated to the big time, my Frank Peretti books....House and This Present darkness.

Frank Peretti is a Christian writer. He writes about spiritual warfare...good vs. bad.....angels vs demons....and House, is no picnic, it's totally creepy, but in the end the spiritual good has victory and the book ends satisfying. Same for This Present Darkness, heavy reading. The book makes you think on how your sins are stroked by evil in subtle ways......for real. To me, if she could read those.....she could have the books for Christmas.

So I thought I would read them with her, sort of start before her, finish ahead of her and then let her play catch up.

uuuuumm, no...

Christmas day she started reading and finished the first 500 page book in about two days. She past it to Z, who then read it fervently in about 5 or 6 days. Then......they gave it to me. Well heck, I was still trying to quickly finish reading my girly book and didn't finish that for a about another week or two. By that time May had consumed the second 600+ page book in about 6 to 7 days and now Z has it.

I am only in chapter 16 of the first book......and I am so dang hooked. I can't think of anything but reading that dang book all dag gone day.

If I go to the bathroom I read the book.

If I am eating lunch, reading the book.

...any snippit I can sneak a few pages in, excitement sweeps over me, I run and hide to read about Edward and Bella.

I am excited to read teen fiction. In fact, the dang book is so enticing I have re-read parts of it already just to remember the intensity of certain scenes as they are replayed in other chapters.

That is a bizarre thing to do before one finishes a book...... re-read it just because.

The book has been completely clean, completely mythical fiction, completely not gory. It ultimately is a love story with no graphic details, but intense first real love/attraction emotion......which intensifies all scenes in the book to an amazing level. To the point, you think if they don't just get one kiss, your own emotions will explode. It's the ultimate thing you cannot have but want type feeling that keeps one turning the pages. The author clearly wrote this for teen readers. The language is not heavy, but yet still detailed enough, to hold an adult readers attention uncontrollably. So far I am loving the first book. During the day, I can't wait to get back to it.

While Z has not enjoyed them quite as much as May and I, he will concur that he believes Edward is "cool" and the books are surely worth reading. His thoughts are Percy Jackson is the best, these are good, but girls are just a little crazy over these because of Edward.........


Such as these events..........

This morning I threw a temper tantrum cause it took Sky entirely too long to write 20 freakin words, May needed help on an algebra exam, Z needed help with his math, and Cole was calling "Mom.....Mom...Mom....Mom....Mom...Mom....Mom...Mom"

I proceeded to tell them I was having an Edward moment where I had to severely control myself or it would be bad for them. That if they did not stop all asking for help at one time I was going to send them all to public school where they could sit in the cafeteria and be the smart, pale, weirdos that no one talks to and stares at.

......which they thought was hilarious. It actually helped lighten my mood.

I think my eyes changed colors.

So I thought I should eat something and bring my sugar to a more tolerable level. I was talking about my perfect sandwich out loud as I placed stuff on the counter, I discovered we were out large tortillas for a wrap, I groaned woefully. May sweetly, too sweetly, started to suggest other breads, or maybe different sandwiches, she was sweet talking me cause she knew I was about to have a break down before lunch....I told her she was "dazzling me"..........

May - Mom.......Stop it...

Then I told her I would just have a tuna sandwich with purple onions, and then I would breathe on her while I was close to her, helping her with math and make her feel faint.......

May - MOM! Stop it!! I might pass out but it won't be because I am mesmerized......can I just say, this might be a good time for an intervention........I am taking the book away from you, you aren't allowed to see the movie.

Z thinks this is hilarious, he thinks everything she says is hilarious....

So tonight we had lasgana for dinner. I made some off handed comment about hunting for my (plate of) food....and tied it into the book on purpose cause I knew they would go nuts....

Z & M - MOM!!!!

May - Give me the book!

....the one of which she is re-reading right now on my bedroom floor to find the part about Edward telling Bella he was jealous, despite the fact she is in the middle of the 3rd book.

......the one that if I am reading in the bathroom she will stand over me and read, though she has already read it.

......the one Zac will stand over me and re-read if I am sitting on the couch and then he'll try to the point of excruciating restraint, not to tell me what happens next.......

....yeah...... that book(insert crooked smile that I love).

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Sandi said...

YOU got ME hooked on the series. What a fun read, on a rainy day. It's rather handy to have someone keeping me apprised of the happenings...regarding the "teen scene". I appreciate you...for helping me to be an informed "aunt":)