Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mickey Mouse & Numa go bump in the night.......

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Last night I put CB to bed early cause he hadn't had a nap. About 10:30pm he wakes up and tells me he had a bad dream. Now he can't find "Sugar." Sugar is a light brown, super soft, stuffed dog that our neighbor Ms. Judy gave to him a couple Christmas's ago.

I hunt for the dog so CB will go back to bed and can't find him. So I hand him Mickey Mouse. He loves Mickey Mouse so he's all "Okay...." and I get him settled back into bed. I assure him I'll find Sugar the next morning.

About 12:30 I hear him crying out. I actually think it is D's nose whistling and ignore it.

I hear it again, so I get up & go check on CB.

CB is whimpering a little.

A- What's wrong baby, did you have another bad dream?

CB- No, I wake up and Mickey Mouse in my face and he scare the crap out of me.

A- (this is super funny to me and I laugh a little)

CB - It's not funny momma, I throw him in the floor, take him out my room...

.....so Mickey slept in my rocking chair last night.

On another note about scary dolls, Jenny made a friend while my sister was here visiting. My niece Emma has a My Twin doll.........

...........she is a total Numa

We made her sleep with her face down far away from the girls room.....& Jenny.....I thought about locking her in a closet for the night just in case. ;oD

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