Monday, May 18, 2009

I didn't shave my underarms.......

I was worshipping in church last Sunday and God whispered to my heart raise your hands and worship me, sing out and shout your love.......

So I did sing out, with all my heart and meant all the words of worship...cause God is all the things I sang out, but I didn't raise my hands. He whispered to my heart, "Why are you holding back, raise'em"

I whispered back with my mind...."I can't I didn't shave my underarms, I don't think"

He says, "So what, neither did Eve, Hannah, or Esther"

I was all, "Yeah, but they weren't in the same situation I am in..." then the singing was over, and it was a mute in my mind I still felt super good, cause though I was distracted somewhat from the singing, the Lord saw fit to interact with me. We had a fun conversation.

It just proves when two or more are gathered, He is present.

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