Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am about to grow a beard and die..........

Yesterday I did this: School, laundry, dishes, lake, showered, baseball in Oak Ridge, Starbucks, neighbors for porch politics where everyone in the world is stupid but us ;oD....

At the baseball field Zach hit an inside the park home run and brought a guy in with him. I was really happy for him cause he has been in a batting slump and pretty discouraged. Despite the at bat following, he struck out again, he seemed a little lighter cause he actually made contact and ran hard on his on accord during this particular game.

So to reward myself for his batting I took us all to Starbucks with my gift card for some frappuccinos and dessert. We should have been eating dinner, like real food, but hey that's the kinda mom I am....I have my priorities straight, real food - Starbucks....real food-Starbucks.......hands down we go for taste on an occasion such as this. They were delicious and cold, 2 vanilla beans and a mocha caramel with two straws, a horizon milk, a slice or blueberry crumb cake, and a slice of lemon icing cake .....

On the way home we meandered through the construction going on in Oak Ridge, cruising behind three cars doing 20 in a 35 speed limit construction zone, yet being followed by 4 cars or so, at 8:30 PM when no one was working at all. I thought I might grow a beard and die before we got home. Anyway the first car apparently was searching for some where to stop & turn around and abruptly slammed on his/her brakes causing a domino effect. We all slammed on brakes, hard.

Half a peanut butter sandwich from God knows where in the car flew past my head to the front wind shield, two plums jumped off the passenger seat & threw themselves on the floor. My purse vomited up everything inside of it, including some ants that had gone after CB's ring pop. All of the children screamed, seat belts tightened, some horns got honked....but not mine (cause usually I am not a horn honker)...........then we were moving lazily again through the construction and all was more or less normal and silent.

From the back seat Maysie says in the most geeked out voice over, "Holy cow, I almost Frapped in my pants."

Me & Z laughed out loud and hard cause that was just so dang funny in a moment when we needed funny.

Which then started a whole series of ways to use the word Frapp in an absurd manor, pretty much all the way home.

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