Thursday, June 11, 2009

you only have one dollar, just give it to me..........

This week is vacation bible school in Kacka Lacky, TN. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off all week.

Maysie and I have been doing the video introduction for the kids by way of short skits. They are going fairly well to be put together sort of spur of the moment. It's pretty fun to be cutting up with May, being silly the way we are at home out for the world to see. I really don't care how stupid we look, nor does she I believe, so long as the kids give us a laugh or two. Our characters have this terrible exaggerated lisp thing going on. I am S(th)ally S(th)almonheimer, the kids camp counselor and May is S(th)andy, my niece, who is a kid at the camp. Add the lisp for any and every reason and you have our characters nailed probably.

The fun part has been the brainstorming for the skits with May and Zach. Zach has thrown in some pretty cute ideas. He wants to be funny, but funny doesn't come as easy for him....he is funny when he doesn't mean to be.

When May was a little younger than she is now I would be walking with her into the grocery store and see the no smoking sign, I would say sort of elevated to her as a person passed by, "May you can't smoke in here so put your cigarettes up." She would get so ticked at me, but I swear that used to make me smile so big. It was just funny. I do the same thing to Zach now when we are filling out paper work at the ENT doctor's office. When they ask if anything has changed.....are you smoking...drinking alcohol.....I say to him, "Zach how many cigarettes do smoke a day cut back a little right?" He just smiles, and lets the people around him snicker at the comment...

So anyway this is hilarious to me, although some of you may find it disturbing...we were brainstorming, May and I, about this campfire scene at the end of one of the VBS skits.We were getting stupid cause we were tired and just started ad libbing like rednecks with lisp

A - (insert Hillbilly lisp) yeah stho Sthandy, I think I'll jutht thit by the fire and listhen to the thoundths of the crickeths....
M - (insert hillbilly lisp and a really sweet voice) that sthounds nithe Aunt Sthally, I'll thit with you I'm exhausthed, let me jutht go inthide my tent and get my thigarettes and thome beerths was unexpected & super funny to me.....we were done for the night after that.


Tuesday night in the car ride home after VBS Z & I were discussing him having lost a tooth at bible school.....and did I get the tooth to bring home.....

It was wadded up in a paper towel like a piece of trash when they gave it to me. I said, "Oh dang Z, I think I left it on the steps of the alter up front." He was irritated at me for leaving the tooth, I could see. I said to him, "I'm sorry I left the tooth, I mean do you have to have the tooth?"

Z- (serious as can be & somewhat irritated still ) No. Where is your purse so I can get my dollar now before you spend the one dollar you have.

To me, that was funny, cause he totally believed I would forget the tooth fairy thing (and I would), he totally believed I only had one dollar in my wallet (and I did).

Sky was in the backseat and said, "Zach, why would mom give you her last dollar? Just write the tooth fairy a note like I did and tell her mom left it at church."

.............I actually did find the tooth the next day while at the doctors office digging through my purse for a pin. Then I lost it again, and found it again last night. So has Zach got his dollar yet? No, cause I forgot.


Last night when we got home from VBS I went to take Cole's clothes off and he had on no underwear.

A- Cole where are your underwear? Did you pee pee in your pants at church?
C- no
A- Where are your underwear at?
C- in my room
A- Your room at church?
C- no in my room here.....
A- Cole did you wear underwear to church tonight?
C- no
A- You had no underwear on at church? bible school you did not wear underwear?
C- yes
A- How did you get out of this house with no underwear on? Mommy did not put underwear on you today?
C- I took them off
A- You took your underwear off today after mommy put them on?
C- yes
A- Why?
C- because I can't see the piture upside down, I can't get underwear back on, when I take'em off.
A- so you wanted to see Mater on yer underwear and then you couldn't get the underwear back on, so you just left them off?
C- yes
A- Did you pee pee in the potty at bible school?
C- yes
A- Did they ask you where your underwear were?
C- yes
A- What did you say?
C- I say, I take them off to see piture.
A- Did they ask you where you took them off?
C- yes, I say.... in my room, in my house, with my dog Jenny

I reckon I will have to explain that to Ms. Donna tonight.......eeeesh

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