Saturday, June 27, 2009

Things I was thinking on a couple days ago.................

I can't stand to watch sports on TV!
Women's basketball and golf, UGH!
Where is the guillotine when you need one, lobbing my head off is far better.

I only like football because of the Hank Williams intro "Are you ready for some football? A Monday night party!" LOVE THAT!
I love to hear the Star Spangled Banner...sung properly. I like when football is on in the bachground, I know all my family is nice and cozy in the house somewhere doing something, we are all here together, locked up in my safe little house with our pajamas on.

I love to watch hockey live, so fun. The fans are super fun too.

The FIFA Confederations Cup / South Africa 2009 (soccer) is on right now. I have learned I do like to watch soccer on TV. It is so exciting because they rarely score more than 3 goals and the build up for someone to score is crazy. The Americans are going to the Final this Sunday and I can barley wait.
Here is the thing, soccer fans are crazy patriotic for their country. At the beginning of all world soccer events they sing the national anthem of both teams. The fans sing their anthems so loud and so proud, it rocks my world! They are so proud of their countries teams.

I cannot wait to see if our fans will sing our national anthem as loud and proud as the European countries do. I swear this Sunday at 2:30 you better not call my house...cause I am going to be standing in my living room with my hand over my heart singing with our fans in South Africa. I can't wait!! If they don't sing out like the European countries I will be so totally disappointed.

Our boys have never gone this far in soccer and they deserve to see we are just as proud of them as we are the ridiculous players here at home, who make about 10X more playing football, baseball, & basketball...and on top of that don't compete world wide!

They just beat Spain who hasn't been scored on in some crazy amount of time in a FIFA tournament and Spain has not been beat 35 GAMES...We beat them! I thought the guys played very well, it wasn't the kind of "beat" that was a gimme, it was a "let's get it on" game. I was so happy for them.

Sunday 2:30 USA vs. Brazil for the Final!! Be there, sing in your living room with me!!


D told me when Cole got to Hilton Head Island he called the Palm trees, "Condo trees"...that's just funny to me.


We noticed also, speaking of pride......that when you enter South Carolina on the highway.....they have these amazing welcome to our state landscape islands set up. You drive through them and feel you have really just entered the promise land or something.

They have these stucco signs that have their state flag, native plants and their palm trees. It's awesome. One side says welcome and as you leave the other says thanks for visiting. Super nice.......similar to this one but a little more fancy, maybe cause it was Hilton Head Island

.....then you enter Georgia.... and you get this So pathetic...... I didn't feel excited at all about entering Georgia.
In fact this invoked a memory of going into labor with Maysie and not knowing if my mom could get there in time because of all the traffic due to the olympics.
Which then in turn put the memory of getting stuck in traffic during FreakNic while I was pregnant with Maysie also.....SCARY...people cruising 75S as if it was a strip and just getting out of their vehicles urinating, conversing, making out....a drunken brew ha ha that had me in a near panic about a riot coming on.....police had shut down the interstate exits because the city on/off ramps had become a social spot to stop and gab, hence backing up the highway which then led to social stopping and gabbing as if it were the strip to babe shop and reminisce with your brother.
In case you need to further educate yourself about Freaknik, here's a link....
Atlanta traffic anyway.....ugh! So glad I do not have to deal with that everyday, what a waste of valuable living time......sitting in contaminated air, car traffic.
So really Georgia was not on my mind in a positive way upon being welcomed.
Although..... Ray Charles, Georgia On My Mind song is slammin!

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