Thursday, August 6, 2009

I don't care can stick it in my face...just give to me.....

So today is May's b-day. She is 13.

My first child is 13.

I am not worried about teenager-hood for some reason. I mean she rolls her eyes at me sometimes and occasionally gets a bit huffy, but really she is a super good girl. I feel like we have pretty good and "frank" communication. I honestly believe if she needed to ask me something super personal she'd do it and not even give it a second thought. Which right now, is wonderful, as I see it.

Will it last? I have no mom and I always communicated really well. I would usually just say it and she would not over react generally and problems were hashed out and taken care of. I don't want to be May's best friend, I want to be her mother....but I am certainly enjoying our grown up girl time and private talks.

Those times reaffirm her confidence in me to be there for her, I can totally dig that.

This time 13 years ago I was in labor for the 6th day.... 7 to 10 minutes apart & next to no dilation.

By this time, this morning, 13 years ago D and I had made a minimum of three trips to the hospital at 7 minutes apart in the middle of the night, to 10 to 15 to 20 minutes apart after being monitored and sent home.

By this time 13 years ago D had shaved way to much cause he thought today would be the day and he wanted to have a clean shave for pictures with his new baby, cause we didn't know the sex of the baby.

He was so tired the last trip we made that I caught him sitting down to pee on the toilet. I asked him what he was doing sitting to pee and he told me, "Amy, I don't know.......I'm just tired..."...... and bleeding on his face from shaving to much.

So I went to the doc to get checked on this morning 13 years ago and nothing was happening on day 6 with contractions 7 to 10 minutes apart, can I just say that one more time...... having used all the old wives tale ways to get the party started.....from hot sauce, sex, and walking to the doc moving my innards around twice and next to no dilation still existed......he decided to induce. I bowed down & worshiped the man.....and so did D.

So crazy.... I thought I would go natural, cause I took the birthing classes. D and I knew how to breathe, how difficult could it be?!

When I got to the room, the gal asked did I want the epidural, I told her I didn't care if she stuck it in my face to give it to me soon, I was exhausted.

At 5:01pm out came this wonderful little baby girl at 7 lbs 10oz & 20 3/4 inches long.

I cried and cried as I held her, cause birth is an amazing thing. D took her into the hall and showed her to my mom and dad, to his mom and dad, & announced they had a new grand- daughter. All was furry bunnies, rainbows, and pink hearts in the universe for out little family that day.

Happy Birthday May May


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday May!!!!! The big 13! I have a TEEEEEEENAGER in the house!

I Love You,