Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WWJD? Wash His car lady!.............

We went to the Smokies game Sunday evening with The Adams and had a super time.

On the way down to the stadium, I became lost in thought because we past these two crazy people on a motorcycle. The girl was wearing some half jacked helmet that would crack like an egg if she hit the pavement. She was also wearing a true tank top and some shorts with NO SHOES. Same for the man, sleeveless and shorts, NO SHOES.......riding a motorcycle on the highway, half dressed, going a minimum of 60 miles an hour. My mind wandered to when D had his motorcycle accident. Thinking about how if he hadn't have had all his protective gear on, namely a good helmet, his face would be a mess on one side right now. The accident was totally not his fault since a dog ran out of a ditch at the moment he passed.

On the highway with no gear on and a helmet that is purely for looks isn't cool looking at all, it's idiotic. If you are reading this and you happen to be one of those people who wears only motorcycle "cool gear" instead of gear for safety, I want you to know when people look at you while you are riding feelin cool.......they don't even notice yer cool bike.....cause they are too busy thinkin about how stupid you are. That's what I was thinkin. I can't tell you what type of bike they were on, I just remember their stupidity vividly.

That could be a whole other blog, so I'll get on with it. These are the things we passed riding down the highway with these songs playing on the radio......

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**idiots riding a motorcycle with no clothes or shoes on & idiot helmets....and the guy with no shoes but goggles, cause though he doesn't want bugs in his eyes, it's okay for his skin to be peeled off at a rapid rate when he drops it.......cause a wise friend of mine said, "Bikers have a saying, it's not will you drop it, it's when you drop it......"

...saw license plates from these states: Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Indiana, Michigan, Rhode Island, Vermont, South Carolina, Oklahoma...

...a guy from Kentucky with his finger scratchin his brain by way of the short cut through his nose

....a "bug masher" (driving rock star bus) from Washington State

........3 people smoking with their windows cracked, 2 people smoking with their windows closed shut tight, one of those with passengers in the car.

........a mom with stuff slammed shut in the back hatch of her van, hanging out dragging the ground, while she crams a big brownie into her mouth and picks crumbs off her shirt and pants while driving

........a super skinny guy cramming a Hardees $6 burger that cost him $12 wrapped in a silver wrapper into his mouth.

..... a gal with a huge pink rabbit hanging from her rear view mirror

.....3 vehicles that say "wash me"...that would include mine, thanks to Z and his buddies at church......mine used to say in the dirty windows "WWJD," then they added a question mark to that and wrote "Wash His car lady!"

.....the fuzz pulling somebody over

.......the fuzz helping a Mexican girl with a tank top, high heels and spandex pants standing in the median cause her car apparently overheated and she needed to get out of the fast lane.

...... a "NOBAMA" bumper sticker

......a car with 14 bumper stickers, that I couldn't read cause I'm half blind and no matter how hard I tried, I could not read a single one of them. It is my theory that liberals like to put bumper stickers all over their bumpers. So I can confirm my theory regularly if I can just read them.

......saw a rectangle rainbow (I'm gay) bumper sticker

.......2 Little Debbie trucks with oatmeal pies & swiss rolls plastered all over the sides for me to salivate over and wish I wasn't overweight so I could eat the world whenever I wanted.

....passed these billboards:

Mrs. Lamarr Physic Reader
Beat the bottle
Get out of debt
My moms smoking is killing me(with a pitiful child on it)
"Ideal Image" laser hair removal
Adult superstore - "The South's Largest"
Some car wreck attorney
Hooters....of course

.....nice huh?....these got me to thinkin that as a whole we must be pretty bad off to need to have this stuff advertised on a bill boards up and down the highway......

(now you can go back to the "Action" song and disco a bit before you leave the blog, if you absolutely have nothing to do but disco you can finish that up with I'm justa love machine)

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Linear Heritage of Women said...

Amen, Amy! That is exactly what I think about when I see these dumb people riding motorcycles with little or no protective gear. I can tell you that I have dropped my bike at least a dozen times and I am VERY glad for my helmet and protective clothing. I see these crazy guys (and girls) at rallies and motorcycle group rides that do the same thing. I'm not comfortable riding with them because they make fun of me for wearing all that stuff. I guess they don't care about their safety! Okay, rant is over.