Monday, September 21, 2009

H is for Hero.............

This past Sunday a father picked up his two children and their cousin after church, ages 9 or 10 and younger. They were involved in a head on collision before they hit the main road.

The passengers in both vehicles had to go to UT. The folks that were hit head on were released that night I believe.

The Father who was driving has had his second surgery and one of the children, the cousin, is still in ICU and came out of surgery this evening.

The two children of the father who was driving were released to go home today, with broken collar bones.

Those children lost their mother a few years ago to a brain tumor.

The cousin, whom we'll call G, who is left there in the hospital is not in what I perceive as optimal living conditions. There is much more I could say but I choose to remain silent, for I am on the outside looking in.

I am saying this cause Bryan Woody is my hero this week.

He is a husband, a dad, a coach, a Sunday school teacher, an AWANA commander, a children's minister, and a deacon.... that's just the stuff I know about.

This week when G had no one......not one single adult to comfort him after such a traumatic event for a child, Bryan was there. For as much as I wanted to go and see them all, I didn't. I used my children Sunday evening as an excuse to stay home. I figured the hospital would be full of family for those kids...........taking for granted that all people love their children the way I love mine.......

.......but they don't.

Later in the evening a woman came to the hospital whom G called "granny." But we aren't even sure if she is his granny. Bryan had text me to let me know granny was staying the night and would be there today(Monday). I breathed a huge sigh of relief, cause I couldn't hardly breathe thinkin it could be one of my children and I would have had my tail on fire to be to the hospital quick as I could....and this super sweet little boy has to stay by himself all night......with no one, my mind was racing in anxiety.

So today I thought I'd get up there to see G, but alas I schooled till late in the day & rain, rain, rain. Some more excuses..........

Bryan got off work at lunch to go to the hospital and sit with him.

He was there when G went into surgery this evening (again holding back some words I could let fly in disbelief) and he was there when G got out, just like he told G he would.

It would have been fairly easy to put the little boy in the back of the file system in his mind and finish out the work day. Then later head over to the hospital, make an appearance, go home, eat with his family, head to football practice, and home to kick back and watch some TV, and say to his wife, "that is a sad situation"......

.........but he didn't.

Because his actions so spoke to me this week about his love for kids who need love bad and his love for my kids who get plenty of love......Bryan is my hero.

He brought to me calmness from a far and he brought G love right up close when he needed it the most. He was the one who made eye contact and said I will be here when you get out and meant it.

I am crazy about you Bryan Woody and your whole darn Woody Family

Your Sister in Christ, Amy

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