Friday, July 2, 2010

We are going to need to run!...............

After having had the tickets in a specially marked envelope in my purse for 4 weeks....Me, May, and Zac totally went to see Eclipse last night.

It was AWESOME!!!!!

Of the three movies out, this one was by far the best. The soundtrack was awesome, the cinematography was super, the lines to get in were long, the theater was packed, Edward proposed to Bella, Jacob took off his shirt plenty & managed his kiss on the mountain top while camera's circled (gave me the same uncomfortable, happy feeling that I had when I read that scene in the book)......... I left feeling satisfied that as a book to movie, it came out wonderful.

I am so glad we made an effort to see it in the theaters, even if it cost more than watching it on DVD. We had a great time.

We arrived at about 6:25, about an hour before the show started and already the line was weaving in and out of ropes and out the door like a ride at Dollywood or something. I was glad I had not stopped to get gas like I had planned.

We ended up sitting on the very back row, but the seats were perfect and nobody's big ol' fat head was ever in my way. I did, however, manage to throw Zac's ticket down a woman's blouse though.

We all needed to go to the bathroom before it started cause we were going to be in the theater at least two and a half hours. The gal next to me told me to give Z his ticket so he could get back in cause sometimes on movies like these they want to see your ticket stub.... I guess to be sure you are where you are supposed to be. Also, I imagine cause all the shows have been sold out for two days.

So I holler to Z who has just gotten out of the middle of our row. I am trying to tell him he needs his stub to wait a second. He's all, "What?! What?! I can't hear you.....".....frustrated.

Z has 60% hearing loss at lower decibels.....since birth. We just found out about 2 or 3 years ago. He talks super loud and always says "What? What?" I'm like something is wrong with you, you're going to the ear doctor and get your hearing tested.

So I am motioning to Z to wait and waving his ticket around. I am in the middle of the row that we have just gotten in on so I don't want to cross all of those legs to get out. We had to get our seats though before we could go to the bathroom cause it was packed. I was determined not to sit on the floor up front.

May, in her Team Jacob shirt, was literally about to have a panic attack that we were not going to get a seat and was pushing Z and I, for real...pushing us, saying in straight up panic, "We are going to need to run!"

I am like, "What?? Will you settle down! I should have gave you one of Jenny's doggy tranquilizer pills before we came."

Z- (talking way louder than he should) May! Stop pushing me! I am running into the lady in front of me! back to the ticket.....the ladies in my row are looking at me like, so what are you going to do? Walk through here again or ask us to pass him the ticket?

Neither of those options occurred to me.

So I wad the ticket up like a piece of trash, get in the set position, go for the wind up, and throw it to him. He is ready for the catch.

I am not a good thrower. I threw a cheese burger on my in-laws flood light, threw a banana peel on somebodies fence, threw a bagel onto Derrick's chest once while camping........

I threw the Eclipse ticket to the right a little bit too much and threw it down this womans shirt. Lucky for me everyone started laughing, May kicks me and tells me I should have hand passed it down the line, and Z is all now I have to touch a ticket that has been down some old lady's shirt, but laughing at least. I apologize profusely for not thinking about the obvious thing to do and ask her if she wants to wad my other tickets up and throw them at me for equality.

Later when we get our chance to go to the restroom before the movie, I apologize again. I relay to her that I owe her. Anything she wants in the concession stand is on me....chocolate galore, go get it girl.....she is very gracious and certainly a good sport.

While waiting on the movie, Z decides he wants to sit next to me. He and I are leaning all over May in the middle of us to talk. He elbows her boob. She slaps him, he's loud, I slap him....

Larry, Moe, and Curly effect.....

Z- What boobs?

A- Her boobs are growing and it hurts to get elbowed in growing boobies.

Z- Again...what boobs?

M- Hello....I'm sitting here, I can hear you.....and you both are talking so loud, shut up, everyone now knows it hurts to having growing boobs.....please! Really?! Get off me!

Z & A - Then move!

A- Just switch with me then and we won't be leaning over you.

M- No.

This spawns another conversation to which May goes into a tirade about how he always gets his way. Z goes to the beach, Z goes to camp, Z goes to soccer, Z goes to this and that friends house & this time he isn't going to get his way........

We are hearing blah, blah, blah...cause this is old stuff we have addressed about say.....600 times!

Z- I'm sorry Maysie, I can't hear you over the sound of how unsocialized you are.

M & A - (start laughing...cause he's getting good with the clever come backs)

...and then there was this add before the movie started for the new Kia Soul vehicle, that I LOVE and can't quit singing. So dang funny when they are bobbing heads in the car.....and I love when they wreck the cardboard box with windows.

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Lorri Bradford said...

LOL! And Robert totally sings this song!