Thursday, July 15, 2010

bugs like to drink the blood off boo boos.............

Cole - I have a scab on my knee

A - Well, don't pick it.

CB- Why?

A- It'll get infected then we'll have to cut your leg off.

CB- Oh yeah, well Kinsley told me bugs like to drink the blood off her boo boos.

A- So.......what? You want to pick the scab and feed the bugs then?

CB - Yes. So I am going to pick it okay. (not really a question...a statement)

A- Cole if you pick the scab I won't give you a band aid. If you bleed all down your leg and get it all over your toes and it gets all over the floor, I still won't give you a band aid. Don't pick the scab.

C- Momma, I don't need a band aid. Kinsley said the bugs will drink the blood off.

A- Cole, do you see any bugs?

CB - No, I am going to pick it anyway.

A- No band aid.

Cole picks the scab. The scab has already healed. It was going to come off anyway to reveal healthy skin.

CB- Oh maaaaaan, now look at it. There's no blood. Let me see if I can find another one.

He searches his body for scabs and remarkably finds none. CB gets up and leaves heading towards Sky's room.

CB -(sort of calling out) Hey Sky! Do you have any scabs??!

Well Shanda, now we know what they'll be doing on Friday nights when they get married. :oD


My plan was to make myself a BLT sandwich for lunch. I got out the turkey bacon and commenced to making it happen. So happens this particular morning my oldest children slept a little late. About the time they had managed to creep to the table for breakfast it was almost my lunch time. Everyone smelled the bacon cooking within a mile radius. Kids in all shapes and sizes were suddenly hungry for anything that bacon could be put on.

Cole managed to come in and swipe 2 pieces immediately, one for each hand.

Shortly Sky calls for Cole to bring her two pieces for each hand. I am like just save a few for my sandwich please. Zach wants some with his 4 scrambled eggs. Maysie is having cereal and wants to have a single piece.

Suddenly I have fixed the whole package of bacon and here is Cole leaving with more bacon and there are only two pieces left.

A- Whoa whoa whoa slow ya roll Dude. Did you eat all of that bacon on the plate??

CB- Yes.

Z- I didn't even get mine yet!

M - Me either!

A- Cole you ate all of the bacon on that plate?? You ate 7 pieces of bacon son?

CB- Yes, Mommy. I said Yes. I ate it all.

I hold up the two pieces that I have left. M & Z are looking at me like one for each of us.

A- Well....these are mine people. They belong to a tomato that was picked yesterday. I'm just sorry as I can be for y'all. I'll let you smell them if you like.

M & Z complaining that I am greedy and what about your hungry children, and other nonsense that I don't care about, cause it's all about my perfectly toasted BLT sandwich.

Then as if God had pity on the wanting children He delivers them a gift. I find the plate full of cooked bacon that I had put aside so that I wouldn't knock it off the counter and onto the floor.

Immediately M & Z's faces show relief. Distress of pinching their mom's head off and killing their youngest sibling is washed away from their thoughts. Furry bunnies, rainbows, floating pink hearts and angels singing fill the air once again.

Abruptly it dawns on the three of us that Little Larry Lies A Lot has once again....lied. He really only ate three pieces.

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