Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just tooted my horn till Z signaled that was enough...........

On Monday Z had a soccer game in Maryville, which is about a hour from our house. The weather was not good. It was colder and rainy. I asked May to stay home with Frick and Frack till D got home cause I did not want to have to sit in the car with those people for an hour and a half while Z played soccer in the rain.....not feelin that at all.

They lost to a team with 4 big girls on it. I swear they looked like high school girls. They were as tall as me and not fat but definitely not skinny.....healthy we'll say. One of the girls ran into Z so hard that he literally went flying into the air and slammed on the ground.

I was in the parking lot above the the car....cause it was raining and it was a great spot to view the whole game.

So when he hit the ground I was thinking, "....that had to hurt."...but he did get up. He almost HAD to get up cause she was a girl and all, the guys would have made fun of him.

Cause I am such a lame parent and didn't sit in the 53 degree, rainy weather, with an umbrella on wet bleachers with the rest of them.....when the team scored, I just tooted my horn.......till Z signaled that was enough he got the message.

Anyhoo, after the game I was cold and he was hungry. I had seen a Starbucks on the way in.
First I needed to get a gallon of milk from Kroger then we could head over for a warm drink.

Our Kroger cashier, totally had a beard......and she was a woman. I know when she looks in the mirror she sees facial hair. Why doesn't she bleach it or pluck it out or something? I just tried to shake it off and forget it......except there was this.....

Z on the way out the Kroger door - Mom, did you notice that lady was totally sporting a beard? Gross.

A - Yes.

....and then this....when we get to Starbucks, the Kroger cashier's sister or something works there.....the Starbucks gal has a beard too.

Z looks at me rubbing his chin & smiling and I tell him to, "shut it." I am like....ew, but whatever....white chocolate mocha latte with caramel drizzle within my grasp.

When I pay the bearded Starbucks lady I say under my breath, "Thank you Momma-Bet." cause my grand mother had given my children each a $5 bill while we were in Atlanta. I actually had some cash on me. Z thinks I have called the bearded girl "Momma-Bet."

Z- Mom, that was loud, she can hear you.

A- So.

Z- So. Rude. (quietly) and Momma-Bet doesn't have a beard....

I snicker and explain to him what I meant when I said, Thank you Momma-Bet, then I call him a dumb blonde, cause I swear the longer his hair gets the more thought process he loses.

I get my coffee first. I am waiting patiently to do our take the lid off, and scoop out the whip cream with caramel drizzle on it routine ....

Z gets his and instructs me to move to a table to begin the rituals.....lids off, fingers in scoop, scoop, scoop....heaven, heaven...delicious goodness.....

Under her breath, northern accent lady behind us on the phone - "eeww."

Z and I are somewhat embarrassed that our routine is disgusting to her, so we lid up and leave. We would normally do this anyway, but today we purposefully leave. On the way out Z says,

"It's okay Mom, she just doesn't know what the goodness tastes like."

Then he repeats her "eeww" a few times and its funny to me, that we grossed her a Starbucks no less.

It strikes me that the bearded ladies were "ew" to me......and that me and Z were "ew' to that lady. It's somewhat ironic.

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