Thursday, May 20, 2010

dead bird on the sidewalk...............

Monday brought us a dead bird on the sidewalk. The thing was mangled and horrible looking. Something had definitely gotten to it because its head was separated from its body. The little bird was bad off in a big way.

So skip to the kitchen table writing spelling words into sentences...words that I have never used in sentences my entire adult farina & cholera.

So May asked me what farina meant...

A- I have no idea honey, it sounds like another name for someones fat Italian cousin.

She has to use farinaceous in a sentence.

A- You are acting are acting like my fat Italian cousin

It really means ground corn, meal, spelt of grain.....whatever.

Then of course cholera, which means bile, yellow, green, any of several intestinal diseases - Asiatic Cholera

Which spawned off idiocies about the dead bird on the sidewalk causing cholera. One sentence morphed to another till we had a whole song to the tune of Rocky Top for your enjoyment.....about a dead bird.

These are the words to Dead Bird On The Sidewalk (to the tune of Rocky Top)

Dead bird on the Williams sidewalk
You're so gross to me
intestines are gross and yer beak is broke off
Man that's nasty

I touched the dead & nasty mangled bird
Put my fingers in my mouth
Now I got fungus on my tongue
Man it grosses me out

Dead bird you'll always be
sick and gross to me

Dead bird on the sidewalk
When are you gonna leave
you're so yuuucky

I got mushrooms growing on my tongue
They are choking me
They are growing in between my teeth
An I don't have floss on me

I really wanted my tongue pierced
but apparently
That will never happen you see
cause mushrooms are fill my cheeks

Mushrooms go away from thee
yer dang gaggin me

mushroom fungus on my tongue
I just wanna be free
Dead bird yer killin me here's the video to go with these words. The first video is Z trying to prove to us he can do it better than May. He can't, BUT the out takes were funny. The first video is out takes of Z.

The second video is out a few quick out takes of May and the full version, it's hilarious to me.

I would load them fully then watch them. They are viewed better this way.

Z loses it at the end here, cause this was the one and only time they made it fully through the song with no screw ups in 41 takes. May screwed up the last line saying "died bird" instead of "dead bird"....we called it done after this one, delirium set in.

See, homeschooling is educational in a wide variety of ways.

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