Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am so American in a stereotypical way........

While I was eating lunch the other day and the kids were taking a break somewhere away from me, I watched a Chris Rock comedy special that I had DVR'd about a thousand years ago. I know he has a foul mouth but black humor to me is super funny sometimes. I had already conceded I was going to watch just this one show and then not subject my ears to this contamination again.

It's in these situations you ask yourself what would Jesus do? The whole time He's screaming in your ear DELETE THE FILTH, STUPID!

But as blatantly disobedient as I could be.... I pressed play.

I didn't watch to much of it cause it did contaminate my ears and my mind as expected. So I deleted it before I was 1/3 of the way through it. However I did catch a few jokes that were typical black humor on white people that had me laughing out loud. I like to watch black people imitate white people & I like to watch pastors imitate how Christians act while they are preachin...both usually hit the hammer on the nail.

So Chris was talking about health care & politics, the normal comedian stuff. Then he casually lumped in famous white on black crimes and then spewed out he isn't "scared of Al Queda, he's afraid of Al Cracka." Two completely different subjects weaved together cleverly..... hilarious.

The he went on a rant about food saying, "Americans are the only people that go hunting on a full stomach." It lead to a barrage of funny stuff with Dick Cheney and other hunting scenarios and then I cut it off. I was not wrong, Chris Rock in pretty dang funny. He's got a foul mouth that is too much distraction from the jokes.

Jesus made me mash the delete button........

I was thinking about this cause I had a Pampered Chef party this past Thursday night.

I had a food party. I thought about the Haitians(and other foodless countries)and how their food looks completely different to them than to us. We have a party with it, they seek it out. It troubled me.

As the time got closer for my gals to show up, troubled thoughts turned to excitement yet again. I am so American in a stereotypical way.

I had a great time. We hadn't had that many people in our our house for a fun gathering since we lived out west. Valerie the gal who did my show told me, "Invite 60 people, 30 will accept, but only about 15 will show up."

I am all I don't even know 60 people that well. I'm not sure I know 20 that well. I started going through my email addresses and found I did know more people than I thought. I determined my actions to invite everyone I had not spoken to for more than 5 minutes in 6 months.

I only limited myself to email addresses in invitations. Why?? Cause I did Evites, which by the way, is the bomb!! You know... save a tree and all........."all" being save some money on some stamps. Plus folks can respond, say how many they are bringing, it's awesome.......

Dig on this.......when all was said and done I have 35 people say they were coming and 29 gals showed up!

(...and this ain't all of them, these pics only show about 1/2 of the ladies!)

Excitement was an understatement. There were a few women who said, "...think of all the free stuff you are going to get." Which sure, usually if you do one of these you want to get the free stuff. Who doesn't like free stuff? But I already had tons of Pampered Chef products. In my mind this was a social to see folks that I needed more face time with, the free stuff would just be icing.

At 6:30 the ladies, some with teenagers & children in tow(growing my total to 41 people in my house), showed up like clock work. It was on!

At one point Valerie was still getting some stuff together, D & I were in the was so loud with women enjoying conversation with each other we literally had to speak loudly to each other. D & I listened together quietly for a second, you could not understand a single conversation going on in the living room from the kitchen there was so much girl gabbing going on.

At that moment my heart smiled.

If nothing else happened tonight the girl gab had commenced. Good food was already on the table for the takin and eaten.......

(This doesn't includes the food Valerie prepared)

I had such a good time. I would love to get them all together again but just for food and conversation only.

Here is the thing though. This was an event. People came for a specific purpose, Pampered Chef. I find these days that women are so busy unless it is specific, it is too easy to back out saying I'll catch up with you all next time. I wondered would the turn out have been so good if it was just food and fellowship......

I am thinking about doing a breakfast at church for the ladies only one Saturday. Cause then they'll have the whole day to be with their families afterward. No hymn singing, no game playing, no gift swap......just lots of women, food, gabbing, and a tiny devotional......I wonder how many would commit.....I getting excited thinking on it.......

What about the men.....maybe breakfast for them one Saturday would be awesome......the possibilities excited me........

I think I'll let it marinate for a couple weeks then revisit it........

Getting all those fantastic women who, as it turned out, each has a specific roll in my life right now, was out of control. They were all in my house at once, laughing, making plans to come back and eat another time with us, checking on my mom, fashion, home decor, child rearing, cooking, recipes, checking each other on our weight (by literally licking our plates to signify we are rebelling the diet this evening), sisters some of them are to me for sure...........oh man, I was feeling so good as I laid my head on the pillow exhausted.

I thought, WOW! Who has 29 people show up for a Pampered Chef party?? That was outstanding.

I am so glad I did this party. Even if it made me feel false guilt about the Haitians and other countries. God used this to bless me with friendship and the lightness of life. Life I can take almost too seriously sometimes. I felt a renewed sense of being able to accomplish really big stuff.


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Linear Heritage of Women said...

My daughter-in-law is a Pampered Chef lady. Those can be pretty fun! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful time!