Friday, October 16, 2009

I know education is important, but what about my sanity???!!!

My kids were starting to act like morons, because they need to get outside and burn some energy, but they can't cause it's raining all day, everyday, day and night, night and day...

The Calgon wasn't cutting it.........

So I called a kindred spirit of mine (Cindi), and pretty much asked her to forgo the education of her children because my sanity was at stake. Just like a superhero she swooped in, with her cape with the upper case letters "SF" (for Super Friend) and said yes.

Off we headed to The Lost Sea. My kids and I had a wonderful time. CB took a power nap when we got home and went to bed that evening pretty easily. You gotta love it when God gives you good friends.

The Adams are good friends to us, we are so blessed that our paths crossed.

CB lame he always hitches a ride.....not only does he get to ride, but he gets to suck his thumb and play with an ear too......He played Logan like a fiddle......

Larry, Moe & Curly

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