Saturday, October 17, 2009

so what if women over pay, it's worth it...............

While D was gone I promised M & S we would give each other facials. Z was headed to laser tag one night and we opted for this night figuring we'd only have to deal with one boy. CB played along pretty well. He soaked his feet, but didn't do the foot scrub....he used dove soap.

He watched the facial exfoliation & the application of the mask, but wasn't sure about that stuff either and chose to watch some Scooby Doo for a bit. When he returned the girls were lying on my bedroom floor with some wonderfully, soothing, relaxation spa type music. I had applied my mask also and was lying with them. We were able to have peace for about 10 of the 15 minutes you were supposed to leave the mask on.

I was drawn out of my tranquility, on the floor of my bedroom, by Cole jumping onto my pelvis bone as if he had jumped off of a 2 story building. Instead of softly laying down on my belly to relax himself, he was the most excruciating pain on my pelvic area. I rolled over and promptly told him to never do that again, that it hurt me terribly.

He said he wouldn't.......but as he was saying he was sorry he was poking my eyes out as I rolled on the floor. He was trying to put my "coupons(cucumber pads)" back on my eyes.

CB- Mommy, be still, you coupons falling off!

CB proceeds to blow out the candles and turn the music volume high, low, high as can be, low till you cannot hear it, high, low, high, low..........

I explained to Maysie this is why women pay way too much money to go to the spa. No one jumps onto your pelvis from the roof top, blows out the candles, or adjust the volume of the soothing music till you fell like a psychotic maniac.

I swear I have a bruise on the bone above my groin that is blue. Every time I sit and my pants brush that bruise I am convinced I will never have spa day for myself at my house ever again.

I will pay someone to control my tranquility.

......but the girls did have fun and I am glad we got to do this together.


Fun Facts To Know And Tell ............

I found 34 more 4 leaf clovers in three different patches....I am surely on a roll huh?

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