Thursday, October 22, 2009

Burt's Bees Tear Free Shampoo is a terrific facial moisturizer............

This past Sunday at 4:00 in the morning I was awakened to Cole climbing into the bed with me.

He smelled like pee.

I asked him if he peed in the bed and he said, "No." Proof that we do not teach our children to lie, even as small children, sin is inside of them.

So I feel his clothing in the dark without my contacts in, which means I see nothing but blackness, it's all about sound and smell. His clothes feel wet and his clothes smell wet. I drag myself out of bed, pull his pajamas off and tell him to wait while I get a warm rag to rub him off with.

While the water in the bathroom is warming, I meander to his room to find his bed wet. Not just a little wet, but soaking wet. He has a water proof mattress cover on his bed so as to keep his new mattress from being ruined. I have NEVER had a child pee in the bed as much as he does NEVER!!!! Even if he goes potty before he goes to bed, he pees......if he has nothing to drink, he pees.....through a Goodnights diaper thingy for kids who pee at night, he pees through's killing me.

His sheets are wet, his quilt is wet, his mattress pad is wet, so wet it has run down the pad and onto this fluffy removable thing that makes the mattress soft underneath the mattress's wet, the whole room smells like urine....I want to cry. I strip off all the bedding and unzipped the fluffy thing and drag it to my bathroom where the water is now piping hot and still running.

I cool the rag a bit and begin to sponge Cole off and he is screaming cause its 4 in the morning and this isn't what he had planned, nor I at this time. I realize a warm cloth is not going to get the smell off of him and determine he is going to need a bath before going back to bed.

I fill the bath tub with warm water and throwing him into the tub he is now in full out scream cause he wants to go back to bed and I am wash, wash, washing him from head to toe with soap, in a hurry.

I dry him off, make him pee in the toilet, new "night-time diapo" on, fresh pajamas and into my bed he goes....I threaten him if I so much as hear a peep or see him up out of the bed, I will turn into a 8 snake haired woman full of insanity and he will pay for it.

I refill the tub with warm soapy water and put the fluff into the water. I begin to stomp around on the fluff so as to be the washing machine agitator. Stomp, stomp, stomp, flip, stomp, stomp stomp, flip, stomp, stomp, stomp , flip....on and on...till I feel the fluff is significantly cleaned and ready for rinsing.....rinse rinse, rinse......ring, ring, ring, the thing dry for an eternity and my arms are aching from lifting the 200 pound wet fluff. I haul it to my dryer and hope for the best.

I load the sheets and mattress cover into the washer. Now I needed to finish off Cole's room. I spray Lysol all over his mattress just in case and up and down the halls, just in case......cause everyone knows, at now 5:00 in the morning, pee germs begin to walk down the halls and contaminate outside rooms....that just makes perfect sense.......I crawl into Sky's bed at 5:15 am because she and Cole are now sleeping in my bed and I just want to go to sleep.

I wake up at 7:45 by sheer chance. I start to get everyone else up for breakfast and showers for church. May is coughing telling me she feels awful she thinks she is running a fever.......she was.

I make her stay in the bed, while I get breakfast for the others together. I unload the dishwasher and start a new load cause D is coming home today I want no dishes to be in the sink, I want everything to look super clean and food to be warm and welcoming when he comes in.

Z is in the shower, Sky is almost to the bathtub, Cole is dressed and wreaking havoc where he can to disrupt our process on Sunday morning....I am getting cold remedies together for May and setting her up for sickness while we are at church. I would have stayed home but I had to go cause of my Sunday School Class, I wasn't there the week before so I needed to be there this Sunday.

In general, all started to fall completely apart after breakfast and Zach ended up staying home so he could wait on May if she need some stuff. Cole didn't want to go because Zach didn't have to go. I made Sky go for good measure cause by gosh some body besides me needed to thank God for his goodness this past week and for the week to come.

Now that we had determined who was staying and who was going I head for the shower with 30 minutes before I need to pull out of my driveway, before I am really be on time I need to be leaving in 20 minutes.

I am getting out of the shower and slip on a puddle of water from the fluff mess last night that I did not clean up. I land on my hip but my thigh catches the corner of a cabinet and now there is a bruise there to match the one on my pelvis. I get up and try to carry on by locating my glasses......

(insert video clip of the mind...Thelma from Scooby Doo....."My glasses!! I can't find my glasses".......)

...can't find them ........I hear Cole and Sky fighting over the Motorola walkie talkie pagers outside the door, the TV is blaring....... I hate our television I think to myself......

..... determined to carry on I locate my facial lotion and begin applying it to my face.....I put Burt's Bees Tear Free Shampoo on my face cause it is in a similar bottle.......and I am just done.......

I resign myself to being under the attack of Satan so he can steal the joy of my husband coming home and my Sunday worship.

So I just sit down on the bathroom floor, put my face in my hands and pray out loud, loudly.

"Lord, I am angry in my heart and feelin defeated, I want to scream at everyone and at you for letting me go through this on the Sunday that Derrick is coming home. I am tired, He will be tired, I am beggin you to help me to be a good mother and speak calmly and kindly, I begging you Lord to help me to be a good and welcoming wife, I need your help Father to be a good Sunday School teacher and not be distracted by myself.....Lord, see me and hear me, that I may be a good wife, teacher, and mother to my children. In your faithful name, I know you hear me and you have the victory, God, Amen."

....from outside the bathroom door I hear Skylar say,
"AAAAyyy- men!!"

I have to snicker, cause it strikes me as funny I was praying for myself, I think I am by myself.....but here, outside the bathroom door, is little miss listen at the door.

S- Mom are you laughing? I had my eyes closed cause you were praying, okay? I know you want to be nice.....right? You want God to help you be nice? Right? So I said, Amen.
Now, can you tell Cole to give me something or other I am not listening cause I need to get dressed and out the door 3 minutes ago............

I do get to church right at 10:00, that is 15 minutes late according to the new Sunday School schedule that seems impossible for me to keep, no matter how early I get up. That 15 minutes earlier never happens like it should. I rarely get there at 9: 30 or even 9:40 is more like 9:50 or's pathetic!!

I am taking Sky to her class when I remember I have left my well prepared lesson at home in my Sunday School bag right by the back door....WHERE I WOULDN'T FORGET IT!!!!!!

I felt a sense of loss cause though I can wing the lesson, who wants to do that after they have prepared, THAT SUCKS!! and it's not Christ honoring in my book, winging a Sunday school lesson, is stupid.

After Sunday School, I don't stay for big church. I rush home to get a cream cheese pound cake ready, some home made potato soup, and fresh home made bread going and put finishing touches on cleaning the house up.......D will be getting off the plane in like 10 minutes according to may calculations.......

....uuuuuuuhhhh no he isn't.

........... cause his flight is cancelled, so the house is cleaned, I look pretty nice, the kids are ready to see him, the food is almost ready.......and he doesn't get home till 9:30pm, utterly and completely, deliriously exhausted. Cole is in the bed already and we all visit with him a bit and head to bed to try and start over the next day.

My point is no matter how awful this day was trying to be.....God was in control, I had to rely on His promises to know He knows me and He is victorious...

1 John 5:14 ......This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

1 Corinthians 15:57 .............But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

But you know, a promise is only as good as the one making it.

Joshua said, "Deep in your hearts you know that every promise of the Lord your God has come true. Not a single one has failed!" (Joshua 23:14, ). Peter said God's promises are "exceedingly great and precious promises" (2 Peter 1:4).

God's promises are trustworthy because God Himself is trustworthy.

I was much calmer, kinder, welcoming, & loving because of God this day, because I trusted Him and His promises as truth.

I don't know how people live without Christ, it must be super stressful.

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