Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lawry's season salt = no kisses......................

I had grapefruit for breakfast a couple days ago and half was left uneaten on the plate while I read the paper. May ask could she have a bite because it looked so juicy and good. I was really excited she wanted to taste it so I cut her a small bit. Which led to the other three Curious Georges telling me they would like to try it also. I guess they figured if May was going to try grapefruit, there must be something to it. So I cut them all a small bit.
May hated it but liked the smell.
Sky gagged of course and spit hers on a paper plate headed to the garbage can.
Z hated it, and CB managed to chew his up while making an awful sour face.

We all watched to see if he would get it down and his eyes started to water. His tongue was coming out of his mouth with out direction from his brain because of the sour, bitter taste that he had not experienced before. Then he swallowed, smacked his lips together a bit and gained control of his tongue and said, "Well,.............(blinking his eyes a bit) that was tasty."

We had to laugh. I asked him did he like it, he said, "Yes, but I don't want anymore Mom." He hasn't wanted anymore since.


I made a great salad to go with our steaks last Sunday after church. I had topped them off with a few Baco's Bacon Bits. While cleaning up I decided to look at the bottle randomly. My eyes wandered to the ingredients to notice that there is absolutely no meat in Baco's at all. The little bits are basically made of flour, dye, and flavoring. This sorta grossed me out. Once we use these up I will probably not buy these again, unless I need mass bits in hurry and cheap.

So I announced to May who was still munching on her salad, "Did you know there is no real meat in these Baco's?"
M- No.....that's weird, they taste just like bacon.
A- Yeah, it's kinda gross, huh?
M- They should call them Fake-o's......
A- Yeah they should....
Sky-(who eats the world on a spoon) Well, I don't care......... I think the Fake-o's taste good.


Cole wants chocolate milk as soon as his feet hit the floor in the morning, about 6:30 or 7:00 if I am lucky. So he woke up in a BAD mood yesterday and was whining incessantly. It was killing me at 7:00 to have to hear that at the start of the day.

A- (right in his face, eye to eye)Cole! If you want some chocolate milk, you say to me "I want some chocolate milk please" without WHINING!!

C-(pouty) "I want some chocolate milk please without whining"


I made D french toast the other morning for breakfast before work. I asked him how it tasted, he said, " I think it'd be better if it had some Lauren's(Lawry's) season salt.".........

which reminded me of this.........One morning a couple years ago I had made him french toast for breakfast. I kept smelling something like hamburgers while I was cooking, it was strange, I looked around, but could not figure it out, it was weird and it bothered me but I was too busy to continue looking for the smell and pressed on making the french toast.

A-(to D at the kitchen table, who was born with no sense of smell, for real) Something over here smells like hamburgers, I just started smelling it.
D- (silence, not really paying attention to me)

I hand him 3 pieces of toast and syrup and continue on cooking for the kids to eat later when they get up.

D- Did you put salt on these?
A- No, gross on french toast? Did you want salt on them?
D- No, but these taste different...

still cooking....

D- Are you sure you didn't put salt on these?
A- Yes, I never put salt on french toast...(I am getting aggravated) If you don't like the stupid things then don't eat them.

smell driving me nuts, not really paying attention to D cause I am trying to figure it out...

D- (after have eaten two almost a third piece) Amy, I swear something is salty on these what did you put on them?
A- (I am severely agitated now from his going on) I dang mixed eggs, vanilla, and some milk and a small bit or orange juice!! I dredged the dang toast in the mix and put it in the pan, (I pick up the bottle of cinnamon I think) I sprinkled some dang cinnamon sugar them and put them on your PLATE!! (showing D the bottle so he could see the cinnamon sugar himself)
D- Amy, that is Laurens (Lawry's cause he can never remember the name right) Season Salt!!

I look at the bottle and I'll be dag goned if he wasn't right and I had to just laugh cause the smell was the salt cooking on the toast the whole time.....and salt on french toast is just gross.....and he already ate two and 1/2 pieces...funny, funny, funny

A- Oh Babe, I am sooooooo sorry...(sort of laughing a little, cause it's just so funny to me now)
D- (gets up from the table aggravated at me now cause he has heart burn) I AM DONE, I feel sick and I have heartburn, I think you are trying to kill me before I go to work, I can't believe I ate that, I am leaving......

A- Wait! I'm sorry!! Let me get your lunch......!!
D- I don't want no dang lunch with season salt all over it, that was awful, I gotta go to work (he hurriedly brushes past me without a kiss goodbye)
A- Well, what about my 3 kisses?!
D- NO kisses for YOU today!.....(and the door slams) freakin funny even I always check to be sure I have the cinnamon sugar and not the season salt when I make french toast now.....or either I just buy the big, fat, nice cinnamon bread....that eliminates the need to sprinkle altogether.

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