Sunday, March 7, 2010

water slides, eating, snoring, & Menchies ........

We took off last Thursday and went to Wilderness in the Smokies indoor water park.

......we had a blast!

It's so wild to be swimming and actually getting a slight sunburn indoors while it is 38 degrees outside. This was a late b-day gift for Z, really late actually. I know he thought we'd never get there but it was worth the wait when it came at last.

This is this wave riding machine thing they call a's insane.

We took my mom with us. Even though she claimed she wasn't going to swim, she was just going to watch the kids, read her book and watch our, okay lady..........she had her bathing suit on as quickly as we did, never picked up her book and rode the water slides with Skylar and the rest of us.

She SO had a good time.

She needed it, it was time for her to get out of town. Two days later, hot tubs, a ba-jillion climbed steps, water slides, eating, snoring, Menchies, & of course a viewing of Twilight was time for Crazy Nana to head back to "The A-T-L."

When she left Maysie said, " When Nana goes home there is a spot of joy in my heart that is gone, everything in the house goes down a few notches, I hate when she leaves."

She speaks the truth. We missed Crazy Nana as soon as we couldn't see her vehicle driving away from us.

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