Sunday, March 14, 2010

she kissed him about 100 times and headed to bed.......

Last night D & Sky went to a father/daughter dance in Farragut, called the Shamrock Ball. I was so excited for Sky cause it seems like all the kids are into something at one time or another but she really isn't. She spends time with her best girlfriend Abby, but other than that she kinda just does what everyone else does.

In the essence of one on one time, this was her moment.

Wearing Maysie's dress, her hair curled & sprayed, lip gloss & pearls on......she and D left around 5:30 to go and eat seafood.

That is something she and her dad have in common. They will eat all food from the sea. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it swims and can be eaten, it shall be done.

They shared a meal and headed over the dance a bit late, but better late than never.

Z spent the night off so that left me, May & CB. I made triple chocolate chip cookies and put CB to bed early. May and I finished off a few NCIS's that we had DVR'd.

When I heard the garage door opening around 10:00 pm, I couldn't wait to see how it went. In comes Sky bouncing & announcing she is home! She smells like garlic from dinner and her eye's are sparkling. I knew she had a good time.

I wanted all the details.

  • Who was there?
  • A DJ or live band?
  • What kind of Craft?
  • Did they dance?
  • Snacks?
  • Did she make a friend?
  • Did he meet some dads?
  • Did they win any prizes? (since this was a charity thing folks could win donated stuff)
  • Were idiot moms there who shouldn't have been?

........ALL the details...

D said the dance was packed with over 100 folks surely, a DJ, and some light food stuffs & lemonade. Sky flashed her beaded craft bracelet she had made and told me they took her picture sitting on Dad's lap and that she did not fake smile(which she is noted for).

Sky told me her dad got a little crazy on the dance floor and she was embarrassed but the slow dance he was better at. She told me the "Macarena" was a stupid dance but that she got jiggy with it on "Party in the USA" and so did Dad. She relayed that all the dad's knew how to "YMCA" but she did not.

D relayed to me at the restaurant they thought he was a lawyer because he was in a suit and tie, eating in the bar area, though he told them he was not. D & Sky sat in the bar area so they could eat & scat, cause it was taking too long to get seated & they were running they called Sky the "Little Prosecuter."

D told me there was some goofy dads there but he wasn't one of them.

They did not win any prizes.

The young girls knew the dance to the Thriller song which he found wild, so did the DJ apparently as he commented on the mic about how cool it was......& quite frankly I was wow'd too. He relayed he thought the "Macarena" was stupid dance also.

D's smile conveyed to me he had an awesome time too. We will surely put this on the calendar again for next year.

As we were winding down for the night.....
  • May continued to convey how not exciting her night with me was.
  • Sky told her dad, "Thank you," and kissed him about 100 times and headed to bed.
  • I continued to ask for every detail.

D finally told me while half asleep....."Go some where and read till your Lunesta kicks in...I have YMCA'd and Partied in the USA and I am exhausted, you are talking my head off, no more talking, I love you, goodnight."

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Linear Heritage of Women said...

It makes me so happy to hear D and Sky having a great time at the dance. She will remember that as long as she lives. I love to see great dads like D. Sky is so blessed to have you guys as parents!