Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little Larry Lies A Lot............

Cole had his 4th birthday yesterday.

He was really sweet all day and we didn't even do anything out of the ordinary.

He started with his morning snuggle in my bed and drifted off back to sleep a bit, a total gift to me. He got up in a good mood, another gift to me. His siblings were sweet to him most of the day. Despite he hadn't had a nap, he grocery shopped peacefully.

These are the lies "Little Larry Lies A Lot"(name courtesy of Z) told for his birthday......oh I'm sorry, he "must have dreamed them."

In the bathtub - last night when I was in the bathtub, my pillow went down this drain, and it floated down to the lake and a crab ate it was a shark, he ate my pillow, and now I have a new pillow.

While reading to him before he went to bed a story about Santa riding a whale to deliver presents because all his reindeer had the flu. Who thought that not interesting tale up? I almost had to quit reading the story because it was THAT STUPID.

CB- Last Christmas I had to ride the whale with Santa cause he needed me to hold the presents on the whales back.........remember mom? You ride with me........

A- CB I totally do not remember riding a whale with you and Santa

CB- Yes, you did, you hair was long and it was blowing you shirt off

A- CB if I rode a whale with Santa and my shirt was blowing off I would remember that

CB- yeah, and I almost fall off and I hold onto you shirt and presents fall into the lake, remember?

A- Oh yeah, I remember now!! I kicked Santa right in his butt into the whale's blow hole, then I pushed you off the whale on purpose, and I pushed all the presents off cause I was tired of holding them, cause my arms were hurting, and the crab ate them, the one who ate your pillow....oh wait it was a shark and now you have a new pillow and I have a new shirt, OH YEAH! Now I remember!!

CB- .........No mom, you don't get a new shirt cause you pushed me off the whale, without my fwog(floaty preserver with a frog face on it, he wears it on the boat) and now whale can't breave cause Santa stuck in his hole.

A- .........oh.........

CB- I think I was dreaming that anyway, cause fish stink.......Mom, remember when I was little and I rode one of the fish to school?

A- No, yer done, go to sleep.

I love Cole Bear, he's my last little baby. This will be his last year at what is considered a baby age. I am trying to soak up as much snuggle time and sweet kisses while being "his girlfriend" as I can. For all the wallering around on my lap he does that makes me insane, I know the time is at hand where my lap will long for a waller session and there will be no more.

I hope we'll ride a few more whales together.

I hope I'll not wish a way the next year.

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